Another fake minority leader

First, there was Elizabeth Warren, who profited from falsely claiming she had Native American ancestry. Then, there was Rachel Dolezal, who profited from falsely claiming she was black.

The newest member of the “fake minority” hit parade is Shaun King, who got an Oprah scholarship, which is only given to black men, and has been running Black Lives Matter, again while falsely claiming to be black.

Shaun King

Now that he’s been outed, Shaun is claiming he is the victim of a “white supremacist conspiracy.” He tells a story about a bunch of redneck bullies beating on him in high school.  He claims the attack was both vicious and racially motivated.

“A group of guys in the school beat me within a few inches of my life. I missed the next 18 months of school recovering from three spinal surgeries and fractures to my face and ribs. I won’t even try here to explain the depths and extent of my physical and emotional pain, but it was brutal. I got some counseling for PTSD, learned the hard way that spinal surgeries leave a lasting impact, and finally found myself back on my feet.”

The police report says King suffered only minor injuries.  Given the soft, brown curls in the lower left photo and the nice pink skin tone showing in the lower right, I have to conclude Shaun King is a lying liar.  In my experience, people who lie a lot tend to be the same kind of weird kids that bully packs target.  I knew a boy once who swore to me he had spent his summer driving a tractor trailer in Brazil; we were in 8th grade.  He didn’t get bullied, because he was so darn big.  But he didn’t have friends either.

Aug 19, 2015: Black Lives Matter’s Shaun King is Rachel Dolezal 3.0 [3:47]
Dana makes sense. The other guy is delusional.

Another delusional leftist, JoanMar at DailyKos, says,

“I do not care about his race. If he says he’s black, then as far as I’m concerned, he’s black. … I do not care about him getting a scholarship that was intended for a minority. I only care about the work he’s been doing on behalf of a besieged community.”

Hmmm … I wonder what these champions of “whites who steal minority scholarships” would say if the “work” they were doing was for the GOP or, gasp, the Tea Party.

Oh wait. No, I don’t wonder. I already know.



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2 responses to “Another fake minority leader

  1. What is with all these white clowns impersonating black people? We keep hearing about how America is such a horrible place for black people, yet white people, who could enjoy a wonderful life of white privilege, still want to be black. Why would anyone want to be black if this is an irredeemably racist country?

    To add to the confusion, I read recently that among transgenders, men transitioning to women vastly outnumber women transitioning to men. How can this be, when America is such a horrible place to be a woman? Why would anyone want to be a woman in a country where evil employers pay women less than they pay men, and our rotten sexist government refuses to do anything about it? Why would anyone want to be a woman in a country where women are in constant danger of being raped, and our rotten sexist government refuses to do anything to stop it?

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