Bend over and take your Obamacare up the back side

Michelle Malkin wrote on her blog that her family’s health insurance policy has been canceled. This is the second time since Obamacare that this has happened. I guess her carrier never got that memo about Obama’s promises.

People who were unable to afford the high cost of Obamacare insurance premiums are getting this from the IRS.

2014 IRS Obamacare fine

And Dan Bongino writes on his Facebook page:

“So I received another notice this week (3rd one now) that my family’s healthcare insurance costs are going up, AGAIN. How people still support this dreadful President, after subjecting us to this unnecessary, economically unworkable, complete failure of a law, is beyond my comprehension.

“And for my liberal friends, spare me the false bravado about how “great” Obamacare is and how the almighty Obama saved us. You and I both know that he took an already broken healthcare system and smashed it into the ground, and he took hard-working people with him.

“So cut the garbage and stop trying to persuade us all that the letters we get in the mail about hiked premiums and cancellations, and that the un-returned phone calls from doctor’s offices that are no longer taking new patients, aren’t really happening. We’re tired of the lies, tired of this President, tired of being lectured, tired of the blame game and we’re tired of having to pay the price for the past 7 years of epic presidential failure.”

In other news, priests and nuns are still fighting the HHS mandate in the courts, cuz Obama is just so down with religious freedom. Not.


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2 responses to “Bend over and take your Obamacare up the back side

  1. As I wrote on another blog, this letter is only going to Republicans. Oh sure, they may have been Democrats yesterday, but they sure as hell aren’t after opening this letter!

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  2. Only $2344.00 for not being able to afford insurance? Sounds like a bargain. That top line should read: “You have an unpaid shared responsibility payment for 2014, COMRADE.”

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