MEDIA FAIL: It’s all about PARTY

Remember all those times we were accused of being dirty racists for wanting to know about Obama’s past?  Remember how the media never ever let Dan Quayle off the hook for that time he misspelled “potato”?

CARSON first black prez college

Obama was touted as the “smartest kid in the class”, “smartest man in any room”, and “smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency”, but there is absolutely no evidence that any of that is remotely true.

He has never allowed his academic transcripts and various test scores to be made public. But if reporters dig hard enough, they can often get such things leaked. The MSM didn’t bother; they just kept repeating the “smartest” meme and said voters who wanted to see documentation were being racists.

The evidence we have public access to suggests Obama is nothing special in the brains department. Yes, he graduated from Harvard, but so did both George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Obama earned a law degree; Bush earned a business degree; Romney earned both simultaneously.

Remember when Lefties proffered as proof of Dubya’s alleged stupidity that he pronounced nuclear “nucular”? Remember when they totally ignored it when Barry O said “corpse-man” in the same speech where he got the corpsman’s name wrong?

I have a DVD in which a Ph.D. in Nuclear Science also pronounces the word “nucular” … repeatedly. It’s nothing more than a regional dialect thing. So far as I know, “corpse-man” is just absurdly, offensively wrong, particularly coming from the Commander-in-Chief who should know how to pronounce military ranks, dontchathink?

Obama reads “Corpsman” as “Corpse Man”, Gets the Man’s Name Wrong [:54]

The MSM’s faux outrage over Ben Carson suggesting he was once offered a “full scholarship” to West Point falls flat with anyone who remembers how they ignored the time Obama said that there are 57 states in the U.S., and the time he said that the leader of Canada is a “president”, and those times when he said that the language of Austria is “Austrian” and the language of Afghanistan is Arabic, and that time he said that America is “20 centuries” old, and that time when he said 10,000 people had been killed by a Kansas tornado that actually killed 12, and that time he credited 1965 Selma march for inspiring his birth in 1961.

The stinking media even yawned that time he said it would be “unprecedented” for the Supreme Court to invalidate a law passed by Congress. I mean … really? Shouldn’t a former “professor of constitutional law” know more about … you know … constitutional law?

Yes, Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, but it was at a time when popularity and being black mattered more than scholarship. He had no scholarship to speak of, having published only one short, poorly written article for the HLR.

After graduation, he joined an undistinguished law firm, where he tried no cases. He was also never more than a part time instructor at the University of Chicago Law School. The tenured law professors reportedly hated him because he was “lazy, unqualified.” One said that he “had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building.”

Obama was also lauded for his elocutionary skills. But when he’s off the teleprompter, he often rambles, loses his train of thought, and says “uh uh uh” a lot. His beautifully written first autobiography was demonstrably written mostly by Bill Ayers and his second book is as ineloquent as his off-prompter speechifying.

Lipstick is Off the Pig: Obama Without His Teleprompter [5:19]



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