Remember when?

Remember when President “Tear down this wall!” Reagan helped bring about the demise of the U.S.S.R. and made the U.S.A. the #1 superpower on Earth?

Welcome to 2015, when President “I’m not George Bush” Obama has helped “reset” America’s relationship with Russia and made the U.S.A. not the #1 superpower on Earth.

Forbes “World’s Most Powerful People” list for 2015:

#1 = Russian President Vladimir Putin
#2 = German Chancellor Angela Merkel
#3 = U.S. President Barack Obama
#4 = Pope Francis (n.b., he has no military!)
#5 = General Secretary, Communist Party of China’s Xi Jinping

2014_07 Obama Banana

2015_12 Putin kick boxing Obama

2015_12 Russian air base Obama Schmuck


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