Winning vs. Whining


Some House Democrats and progressive groups are considering a challenge to Donald Trump’s election at Friday’s joint session to certify the Electoral College tally.

Members are allowed to protest when Congress officially counts the electoral votes, but they would need the support of at least one senator to make an impact and none have stepped forward.

While there’s almost no chance of changing the outcome, a two-chamber challenge could delay certification by forcing the House and Senate to separately debate each protested Electoral College vote.



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2 responses to “Winning vs. Whining

  1. jbob45

    Hmm…just looked at Hillary’s logo, in context of winning vs. whining. If she clipped off the ascending stem of letter “h” then move what’s remaining to the right of letter “i”, whaddya got? That’s right. Winning! If Hillary figgered that out before, we might be having a different conversation.

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    • jbob45

      Actually, given Hillary’s fondness for clipping and deleting, and going to the right when it suits her, she’s already a winner.