Bill Clinton is a liar

We knew this, of course. He lost his law license for lying under oath. But he apparently didn’t learn anything about the value of honesty or the cost of getting caught, cuz he’s been outed for lying again.

When Hillary presumed to chastise President Trump for allegedly calling Haiti a “sh**hole nation,” a bunch of folks pointed out that the Clintons had a lot of responsibility for the current condition of Haiti, since they had looted Haiti relief money to pay for Chelsea’s wedding.

Bill Clinton tweeted,

No Clinton Foundation funds—dedicated to Haiti or otherwise—were used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc.

He included a link to a WaPo “fact checker” article saying it wasn’t true. Cuz we ALL really TRUST the Washington Post about anything to do with the Clintons, right? ::snort::

Wikileaks responded with this tweet,

Bill Clinton claims that no Clinton Foundation “funds” were used to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. However, the leaked email from then top Bill Clinton aide Doug Band doesn’t say “funds” it says “resources”:

Wikileaks linked to a January 1, 2012, email between Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta and Clinton official Doug Band, which mentions Chelsea taking money from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding.

2012_01 04 Email re Chelsea taking CF money

The article below is excerpted from Dinesh D’Souza’s book, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.  I only got part way through before I had to stop reading. It just made me too angry and sad.

“How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians”

It filtered money through Haiti and back to itself.

EXCERPT: Bill Clinton was the designated UN representative for aid to Haiti. Following the earthquake, Bill Clinton had with media fanfare established the Haiti Reconstruction Fund. Meanwhile, his wife Hillary was the United States secretary of state. She was in charge of U.S. aid allocated to Haiti. Together the Clintons were the two most powerful people who controlled the flow of funds to Haiti from around the world. …

A number of companies that received contracts in Haiti happened to be entities that made large donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Haitian contracts appeared less tailored to the needs of Haiti than to the needs of the companies that were performing the services. In sum, Haitian deals appeared to be a quid pro quo for filling the coffers of the Clintons.


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2 responses to “Bill Clinton is a liar

  1. Really? Bill’s a liar? Is water wet? Does fire burn? 😀

    Thanks for this post – I’ve not read much about the details of exactly how the Clintons frisked Haiti. I have seen several remarks from Haitians about the Clintons – they aren’t positive.

    I’ve been, slowly, trying to get into the webworking groove again, and this post inspired me to a new one reflecting on the old liar.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Glad to see you getting back in the groove. 🙂 Thinking so much about the grievous sins of Clintons, Pelosi, et al. made me really sad yesterday. Hell is real. And it’s eternal. The fact they are still benefiting from their crimes rather than paying for them here on Earth just means the fires will be all the hotter.