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2018_05 20 Trump tweet

DON’T INVESTIGATE: John Brennan, Obama’s 2d term CIA director, objected very strongly to Trump’s plan, saying such an investigation would do disastrous harm to our democracy. I’m thinking the very opposite is true. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, pointed out that Mr. Brennan is among those senior Obama administration officials who may have civil and criminal liability if Trump’s charges are true.

GO AHEAD AND INVESTIGATE: “Constitutional crisis” was a popular theme following Trump’s tweet, with various VIP-types stating emphatically that the DOJ couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t comply. Within hours of Trump’s tweet, the Deputy Attorney General issued a statement saying, “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action.”

2018_05 Guns PP kill people

KYLE KASHUV: This vocal pro-2A survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting ended the 11th grade No. 1 in his class of 856 students.

STUPIDEST TWEET: “Truly amazes me how we can’t regulate guns but we can find every way to regulate vaginas.” Best retorts: “We have 22,000 gun laws. How many vagina laws do we have again?” “Proudest day of my life when I passed the background check after filling out the paperwork and received my vagina.” “11k gun homicides in 2016. 893k abortion’s in 2016.”

FAUXCAHONTAS: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being praised for her “bold” pledge to never, EVER accept donations from the National Rifle Association … which has never donated to Sen. Warren in the first place cuz, you know, she’s like totes pro-gun control and anti-second amendment.

EXCELLENT PLACE TO PUT YOUR PRO-LIFE DOLLARS: Stork buses park outside abortion clinics, offering women in crisis pregnancies the chance to get a free ultrasound, hear their babies’ heartbeats, and receive help if they choose life.

2018_05 Stork bus

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