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2018_05 30 Trump tweet

HYPOCRISY: Roseanne has been outrageous for years and years, but the left didn’t care until she started supporting President Trump. Joy Behar insulted Vice President Pence and millions of Christians, saying that “hearing God” is a mental illness. She’s still on ABC’s “The View.”

SO EXPECTABLE: Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t.” Bee is scheduled to receive an award from the Television Academy on Thursday for “advancing social change.” Just a guess, but I’m thinking if she’d praised Ivanka, the Television Academy would’ve canceled her award as fast as ABC canceled Roseanne’s show.

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: On Tuesday, The New York Times reported on President Trump’s rally in Nashville, estimating the crowd size at about 1,000. The Fire Marshall’s estimate was 5,500.

HEART HEALTH: Researchers have found a link between gut bacteria and arterial stiffening which suggests that improving gut health could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

SADLY, NOT THE BABYLON BEE: A Baptist congregation has voted to remove a statue of Jesus Christ that has been in their church for 11 years. Some folks complained that it’s too “Catholic.”

NO BLUE WAVE IN TX: The latest Quinnipiac Poll conducted in the Texas Senate race shows Ted Cruz has an ELEVEN POINT LEAD over his Democrat opponent.

TRUMP PARDONS D’SOUZA: Of course, the Left is doing its usual head exploding thing, the more pompous pointing out that D’Souza pleaded guilty. Yeah, he made a campaign donation that went over the legal limit some thousands of dollars. Obama raked in MILLIONS from illegal, sniffy FOREIGNERS, many of whom had no names even! And Shrillary and Bill raked in MILLIONS, also from sniffy foreign sources, WHILE SHE WAS SECRETARY OF STATE. Most folks get a slap on the wrist fine for what D’Souza did, but then … they hadn’t written books and made movies pointing out in detail and with copious supporting evidence that the Obamas and the Clintons are filthy crooks. So D’Souza went to PRISON, while Obama granted FULL PARDONS to DRUG DEALERS and TRAITORS. All I can say is … thank you, Mr. President TRUMP.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Pete posted this video, but I want to post it again to make sure y’all watch it.

Haley Rips Security Council’s ‘Outrageous’ Failure to Condemn Hamas for Rocket Attacks: ‘Height of Hypocrisy’.

On May 29th, Hamas shot 70 rockets into Israel. One of them landed on a kindergarten playground. Yet, the U.N. declined to call it “terrorism.”

I don’t know how our ambassador keeps her cool. My ears are smoking just thinking about this and she WORKS with these people!


GUY WHO WANTS TO DESTROY AMERICA SUPPORTS GUN CONTROL … FOR AMERICANS: Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has released a statement calling on the United States to disarm American civilians.

TOTALLY NUTS: The clearly-too-young-to-be-mayor of Stockton, California, wants to identify the people most likely to shoot someone and pay them $1,000 a month not to. He and the Grand Ayatollah should do lunch some time.


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