An Honor Rendered Meaningless

With the blowhards that pass out the Nobel prizes to people like Yasser Arafat, Fat Al Gore, and Barack Obama, who hadn’t done anything, the charlatans can bask in the glow of phony glory.Why not? They don’t care.

Nobel Prize Committee Calls on Nominators to Give Up On Merits and Consider Diversity in Gender, Geography
The Nobel Prize Committee is no longer just concerned with the merits of your work — instead they are explicitly calling on nominators to “consider diversity in gender, geography and topic for the 2019 prizes.”
Of the 605 people who have won Nobel Prizes in scientific discipline, only 18 have been women.

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  1. In the interest of strict diversity, I nominate, for the Nobel Prize in science, for Anthropology, Brazil’s “Indian of the Hole” – the last surviving member of his tribe. Because, Diversity above all.

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