Thanks, Jackass

This insufferable prick only has a few weeks left before he embarks on what I’m positive will be a lucrative career as a “guest republican” on all the fake media shows. In the meantime he’s going to thumb his nose at the entire country.

Republicans cancel LONG LIST of judicial nominees – because Jeff Flake is voting with DEMS

So what are they gonna do? I suppose Republicans can just wait until after the new term starts, since they’ll have all the votes they need and Flake will be gone. Or will they do what he wants and pass the protection for Mueller? Given that they blocked it today, it’s clear that they won’t do that. If Trump is actually scared of what the report may hold, as many on the left are saying, then he’ll act before Dems take over the House. Either way, it’s going to get very interesting in the coming months.

Here’s Ben Sasse on Flake’s stand against Trump:

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