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I had so much about the border debate that I decided to devote today’s blog to that and bump the other goodies I collected to tomorrow.

2019_01 09 trump swore to protect

CPAN: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “I just listened to Senator Schumer. I know he complained the time that you had cameras in the meeting. I think we need to bring them back. Because what he described the meeting to be is totally different than what took place.”

2019_01 08 oppositionally defiant

DEMOCRAT-MARXIST PARTY: The Democrats’ obstinate refusal to fund a physical barrier on our southern border is the starkest illustration yet that they are no longer a political party dedicated to the protection and prosperity of the United States. Another article worth reading in total.

2019_01 09 manufactured crisis

TUCKER: They all got the memo that it’s a “manufactured crisis” “Like Shih Tzu’s begging for a snack.” The Democrat’s border security plan is to stick with the status quo … which isn’t working. Meanwhile, they want more money spent on providing free abortions here and abroad and studying reparations for slavery.

  • For Democrats, a porous border is a good thing. They think that those who come here illegally are more valuable than those of us who are here legally.
  • For Republicans, a porous border is a bad thing. We think that the rule of law should apply to everyone equally and that drugs, gangs, terrorists, and human traffickers need to be stopped.

Pick your side and call your legislators.

2019_01 no laws no borders

2019_01 cost effective wall

2019_01 10 national guard


FACT CHECKING TRUMP’S CLAIMS: Five of the things Trump cited in his speech are fact checked as TRUE. Includes sources.

2019_01 09 cost of illegal drugs

THE WALL IS ABOUT EVERYTHING: A really good review of the whole picture that is too good to excerpt. Just go read it.


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  1. bump the other goodies I collected to tomorrow.

    *disappointed face* Don’t let those goodies get stale.

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  2. jbob45

    What if Schmucky-Chucky and Nancy-Pants can enlist about 10-20 million activists who’re opposed to the Wall, then line them up along the entire southern border, shoulder-to-shoulder, assholes-to-belly buttons, with the orders to block construction of the Wall? Then we’d have an “Anti-Wall Wall” that if all goes according to plan no one can get thru. Or maybe not…just an idea.

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