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Toddler truck

ALWAYS DO A WALK AROUND BEFORE DRIVING: This reminds me of my days as a school bus driver. At one of our in-service safety sessions, we saw a film showing the driver’s eye view of a Greyhound-style bus. It looked like there was nobody behind it. Then they showed how many cars were hidden in the driver’s huge blind spot.

Thankfully, I was a school bus driver. The low windows on the emergency back doors help a lot. But even those aren’t really enough.

I was doing a ride along once with a guy who I think kinda liked me. It was the one and only time I ever did such a thing; it must’ve been the Holy Spirit that got me on that bus that day, because I surely didn’t like him!

Anyway, after he dropped off his load of afternoon kindergartners, he carelessly got his bus into a spot that required him to back up. He threw the bus into reverse without a glance.

Granted, it was the middle of the school day and there wasn’t a soul in sight. But me, being the anal goody-two-shoes I am, said, “Hang on. I’ll spot you.” Because you’re never supposed to back up a bus without a spotter. So I walked down the aisle to look out the emergency door window and felt my heart just about stop in its tracks.

There was a very small child RIGHT BEHIND that bus.

The kid was probably a morning kindergartner who lived near enough to walk home, but had been delayed leaving, maybe by a potty emergency. I only know his little head was the same height as the back bumper of that big ol’ bus.

I have always believed God inspired that tide along, so that little boy wouldn’t end up brain damaged or dead. It happened more than 40 years ago, but still gives me the chills to remember.

2019_03 28 Trump 50 percent

SADLY, NO: I love Trump and have heretofore trusted Rasmussen. But the many sneering tweets I saw about Rasmussen’s alleged right-wing bias got me curious.

FiveThirtyEight’s Pollster Ratings confirms it, as well as the tweeted statement that Quinnipiac is the most accurate political poll.

At this time, Quinnipiac has Trump’s approval at 39%, disapproval at 55%.

TREY GOWDY IS DA BOMB: When he’s right, he’s right – From the Twitchy Team, “Every time we think Hillary MIGHT actually have to deal with the teensiest of consequences for her actions, it’s a big ol’ nothingburger. Although there are some who would say her losing the election was the biggest consequence of all for her actions, but we digress.”

CENK UYGUR: The founder and host of The Young Turks is trying to rewrite his personal history by claiming HE never believed in the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy.

Uhhhhh … does he NOT know his show is, like, you know, RECORDED? Sheesh.

2019_03 28 Pence Holder tweet

PENCE FOR THE WIN: I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that Obama’s former AG Eric Holder didn’t recall that for one brief, shining moment, Michelle Obama was proud of America!

2019_03 28 AOC poll

CHECK HER MEDS: Shrillary’s imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy” is baaaack – Cue the “Joker has busted everyone out of Arkham Asylum AGAIN” music.

2019_03 27 Sinema fashion

DEMOCRAT CLOWN SHOW: The continuing saga of Krysten Sinema’s fashion choices. Predictably, Lefties praise her “funky” and “bold, queer” styling.

Those who criticize her clothes as unprofessional and inappropriate for the Senate get called “sexists.”

I can’t help wondering how these allegedly gender-blind types would react if Ted Cruz showed up to work wearing a skin-tight tank top.

Medicare for all toon

OBAMACARE FRAUD: How The Obama Administration Raided The Treasury To Pay Off Insurers“The Obama administration collected less in taxes from health insurers (mostly off the Exchanges) than they were required to do under the Affordable Care Act, created a plan to pay insurers selling policies on the Exchange considerably more than originally projected, and stiffed the United States Treasury.”

Please tell us more

WE’D ALL LOVE TO HEAR: In light of his alleged involvement in Michael Avenatti’s Nike extortion plot, CNN has severed ties to celebrity attorney Mark Geragos. Geragos is pissed and has threatened to dish the dirt on CNN.

Gerragos is the attorney for Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, one of the founders of a sex cult the feds rounded up last year. Michael Jackson and Jussie Smollett both used his services. How does a lawyer come to specialize in defending skeez?

2019_03 28 Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association

SMOLLETT: The Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association has issued a lengthy statement blasting the manner in which charges were dropped against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. It looks like the deal wasn’t just strange and unexpected, but actually illegal.

Filmed in Georgia

BOYCOTT GEORGIA’S FILM INDUSTRY: About 50 actors have signed on to Alyssa Milano’s letter about boycotting Georgia if the state passes a heartbeat abortion ban.

From Wikipedia: “The film industry in Georgia became the largest among U.S. states for production of feature films in 2016. The industry in Georgia was boosted substantially by tax incentives introduced in 2002 and strengthened in 2008. Just in the fiscal year 2017 film and TV production had an economic impact in Georgia of $9.5 billion, while industry sources claim that the tax subsidy costs the state $141 million (2010).”

Fifty actors boycott? Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m pretty sure it’s investors and producers who decide that stuff and that their big concern is the bottom line. Also, there are only a handful of actors who are such big box office draws that they could dictate where a film is shot. (Alyssa Milano isn’t one of them.)

Plus, we know what will happen if any one of these virtue-signaling dipsticks is out of work and gets an offer for a Georgia film. I recognize some of the names on the list as the same morally vacuous, talking mannequins who swore themselves blue they would leave America if Trump won. They’re still here. (Rosie O’Donnell, I’m looking at you.)

2019_03 06 PP

ABORTION IS NEVER SAFE: Pro-aborts claim to care about women’s health – The Margaret Sanger Center, Planned Parenthood’s flagship abortion facility, located in the heart of Manhattan, had to send another butchered patient to the hospital on March 6, 2019.

As per usual, the emergency crew had to bring the patient to the ambulance in a wheelchair, because this surgical medical facility … which has sent FIFTEEN patients to the hospital in just 26 months … is located in a building whose elevator is too small for a gurney.

2019 Church burning France

ANTI-CATHOLICISM IN FRANCE: Vandals and arsonists have targeted French churches in a wave of attacks. In the past two months, more than 10 churches have been hit. Some have been set on fire while others have been severely desecrated or damaged.

2019_03 29 Unplanned

UNPLANNED: Movie review by a Pro-Choicer“When I was invited to attend the showing of Unplanned, I hesitated [but] agreed to go and to keep an open mind. …

“By the end of the film, I was completely distraught, questioning everything I had ever believed about what abortion really was. I was hungry for more information, I went to Google, I talked with friends and I prayed.”

2019_03 Men Women Pain

GENDER SCIENCE: Until recently, pain researchers only used male mice, thinking female hormone cycles would confuse their results. Then some guys decided to use both males and females and, oh golly, discovered the sexes respond differently to pain. Since then, pain researchers have found that certain pain pathways vary considerably, with immune cells and hormones having key roles in differing responses.

This push is part of a broader movement to consider sex as an important variable in biomedical research, to ensure that studies cover the range of possibilities rather than gleaning results from a single population. A major change came in 2016, when the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) made it a requirement for grant applicants to justify their choice of the sex of animals used in experiments.

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