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PERSONAL NOTE: Please remember me in a special way today and tomorrow. Tuesday at 8:30 am Eastern, I have an appointment with an Endodontist for a double root canal. Thank you.

never stop praying

Flag comes home

AMERICAN HISTORY: Thanks to the generosity of retired Dutch businessman and art collector Bert Kreuk, an American flag that flew on the first U.S. invading ship on D-Day has come home.

Kreuk paid $514,000 for it at auction three years ago with the intention of donating it to the United States.

BORDER: [3:09]Border Patrol agents were rushed and assaulted by migrants determined to cross the border illegally.

DEMOCRAT THUGGERY: Sen. Tester’s edit [1:08], Greg Jarrett’s edit [1:50]Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) went on Morning Joe and said, “We should be able to disagree on policy without this hateful rhetoric, and we’ve got to call it out.”

When he posted his appearance on his Twitter account, he stopped the clip before he got to the next part, where he said, “I think you need to punch [Donald Trump] in the face.”

democrat liar

FAKE NEWS ALERT:On July 19, African-American Georgia state representative, Erica Thomas, posted a weepy self-video to her Twitter account in which she says she feared for her life after veing “verbally assaulted in the grocery store by a white man who told me I was a lazy SOB and to go back to where I came.

The video went viral, pushed along by the Trump-hating Left (including Bill de Blasio and Ted Lieu) … until they found out that the “white man” is a Hispanic, anti-Trump Democrat who claims he never told her to go anywhere and that she is just claiming he did to score political points.

He may have a point. Clicking on her website,, takes you directly to this donation page with a #StandwithErica note:

donate to ericaLieu has reportedly deleted his #StandwithErica retweet of her video and his comment predicting that such behavior will result in Democrats sweeping the 2020 elections.

democrat liar 2

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT LIAR: Openly gay Florida Democrat, Elizabeth McCarthy, claimed throughout her campaign for a State House seat that she was a cardiologist at Orlando Regional Medical Center who treated multiple victims on the night of the mass shooting at the LGBT “Pulse” nightclub in 2016.

She now admits she “made it up. … I wanted to be somebody in the community, and I’m sorry. I knew it was wrong and I should have stopped.”

The Department of Health has fined her $3,094.95 and served a cease-and-desist order barring her from telling anyone else she is a medical professional.


NAIVE: And deadHodan Nalayeh, a Somali-born Canadian journalist, traveled to her birth place last week to challenge stereotypes about the nation by documenting its beauty.

On July 10, she posted pictures showing how much fun she and her husband were having in Kismayo and the neighboring island of Ilisi. “It’s so clean & breathtaking. A perfect place for a day swim with the family.”

On July 12, Muslim terrorists stormed her hotel in Kismayo and killed more than two dozen people, including Hodan, her husband, and their unborn child.


PERVERT: British politician, David Smith, has pushed for gender-neutral bathrooms in the community. He says it because of his support for “transgender and non-binary people.”

Yeah? Maybe not. He’s been arrested and charged with nine counts of sexually touching a child. He is due in court on August 7. He denies the charges.

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7 responses to “Bits & Bytes

  1. Something about this season or what? Daughter just today had the dentist look at a crown that broke off. I’ve got a hole in my tooth where a filling isn’t anymore (flossing is dangerous, I’ve always said so), and another tooth that may be a major problem.

    But, chrissy, darlin’, you win. Double. I’m praying that your doctor — at the very least — understands anesthetics better than the butcher who did my root canal decades ago!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks! My regular dentist tried to root out the canals of Tooth #5 two weeks ago, but they’re calcified due to my being too sick for too many years to get my teeth worked on.

      So she packed it with medicine, closed it up, and hied me off to the local Endodontist to get #5 and the other root canal I need, #4, done today, since she is sure they’re both calcified.

      Frankly, I think God’s been protecting my teeth all these years, cuz #4 is broken and barely restorable. And #3 has a giant filling missing, yet has no cavity in it! It needs a crown, but no root canal.

      Lousy teeth run in my family. Long before he was my age, my brother had a full set of crowns on his molars and my mother ended up with a full set of dentures. So I’m doing amazingly well … especially when my lack of regular dental care is factored in.

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      • This large missing filling of mine — I’ve been saying, if I’d always brushed my teeth as devoutly and assiduously as I’ve been keeping this hole clean, I might not have had so much artificial additions to my mouth.

        Mom has had, I think, two teeth go bad on her, both in the past decade. At age 99! Either she failed to teach me how to brush like she does, or else I got Dad’s teeth. Might as well blame Dad, since he’s been gone for over half a century.

        Advances in dentistry may be among the top five great bits of progress in my lifetime – at least among the most personally appreciated. Dentist told daughter yesterday, about her crown that broke off, how they have much better crown materials now – and she’s not that old!

        May the Angels of appropriate anesthesiology and the Seraphim of successful surgery protect us each today in the dentist chair.

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      • Well… Dentist put a patch of putty in the “small” missing-filling hole that felt like a lunar crater to me, and set up an appointment to do the main job later. The other thing I thought might be worse? He didn’t see any problems.

        When the answer to prayer is “there was never a problem in the first place,” does one say thanks or apologize for worrying? Safe side: do both.

        So I feel kinda silly comparing my little worries with your serious work, chrissy. Praying it all goes, or went, as well as possible for you.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          Any trip to the dentist needs prayer, even an annual cleaning. So anxiety making. I don’t know how people do it. I actually asked my regular dentist’s assistant that. She said, “I like helping people get out of pain.”

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  2. Feel the need to donate – but how ?

    Cannot locate the “tip jar”

    You are the best and much appreciated – every day – love !

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      We are retirees who do this for fun. So no tip jar. We would LOVE hearing from you as often as you feel moved to comment. And if you see something worth reading that we missed, feel free to pass it on!