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2020_04 18 Carson God

2020_04 18 scam

WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! [1:28] – Democrats AND the ChiComs suck.

TDS INCOHERENCE: [9:39] – Politico says Bad. Man. Orange. is a weak authoritarian! Trump longs to be a Hitler dictator, but he’s too incompetent to take advantage of the pandemic to do it!

2020_04 18 6-8 week fetus

ETHICAL VACCINE: Please click to ask President Trump to give priority to COVID-19 vaccines that are NOT made from aborted baby cells.

2020_04 17 censor

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CNN repeated, almost word-for-word, a Chinese Communist Party press release praising their efforts to contain the virus while degrading ours.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow and other Democrats with Bylines sneered at Michiganites who are upset at their state government’s absurd overreach. Seriously … if you’re already IN a store, how does it stop the virus one bit to close certain aisles because somebody in the governor’s office thinks you don’t need whatever it is?

On MSNBC, the disgusting hosts of Morning Joe used a deceptively edited quotation by a Republican to claim that Republicans are too eager to reopen the economy. Their version of Republicans’ attitude is, “Yeah, sure, senior citizens are going to die, but what the hell? We really got to get Wall Street moving again.”

They made sure to edit out the part about reopening the country in a slow and cautious manner, maintaining quarantine for the elderly and other vulnerable populations while providing them with financial support, and increasing testing for the virus.

2020_04 18 WaPo

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Fox News is reporting something that the Washington Post has declared is a conspiracy theory. Follow me here.

  1. The ChiCom’s attempt to cover up their mess led directly to the global COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. The WHO helped them with their cover up and thereby made the pandemic worse.
  3. Donald Trump knows it and is not hesitating to say so.

The Slime Stream Media HATES TRUMP SO MUCH that they are choosing to defend the WHO and advance the ChiCom’s false narrative.

2020_04 18 obama

OBAMA: Joe Biden was Obama’s VP for eight years … yet Barack waited until there was no hope whatsoever that anyone else could beat him before he “endorsed” his “close friend.”

Recommending that Democrats vote for the only Democrat left standing has to be the weakest “endorsement” in history.

BLEXIT: [2:00] – One of Obama’s legacies.

BIDEN LIES: [1:42] – Politicizing the coronavirus is what Trump called the “Democrats’ new hoax.”

AVALANCHE MITIGATION: [3:13] – I had no idea.

GRAMMY NOTES: [3:47] – The Mascots are so blessed to have such wonderful teachers!

2020_04 18 LEGO wash hands

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