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B-12: CLICK [37:07] to hear cancer researcher Dr. Carmen Wheatley discuss a safe and novel treatment for COVID: vitamin B-12. This is really interesting, particularly if you like alternative, natural treatments and medical history.

I was delighted to hear her recommend Vitamins C, D3, and K2, plus the mineral zinc as a daily supplement to boost the immune system and help prevent infection in the first place … because we’ve been doing that for several years.

BIPARTISANSHIP: In their on-going effort to bankrupt the nation, Democrats are plotting yet ANOTHER $1.9 Trillion Porkulus Spending Bill, which they deceptively call “COVID relief” … even though the majority of it is NOT for COVID relief.

Republicans offered 286 amendments. Democrats accepted 2 of them.

CALIFORNIA: CLICK [4:04] to hear how Carlsbad, California, restaurant owners are doing it better.

CAPITOL BREACH: This video was shot BEFORE the breach. CLICK [6:30]. The breach was pre-planned and had nothing to do with MAGA or Trump. My best guess is the Dems wanted it so they could do what they’ve been doing to stigmatize and shut us up permanently. Second best guess … they were really disappointed that the incursion, vandalism, and violence wasn’t a whole lot worse. They just can’t count on us patriotic types to misbehave on command.

GEORGIA: CLICK [:11] to see “far-right conspiracy theorist” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest nod to the Flat Earth and Two Gender Society. I wonder how long that sign lasted …


HERO: Henry Darby is the principal of North Charleston High School, where 90% of the students live below the poverty line. Disturbed by their pressing, real life needs, he got a second job at Wal*Mart, where he works three night shifts a week to earn money to help out where he can.

He doesn’t think it’s anything special, but when his supervisor found out what his day job is, she didn’t agree. At all. She got Wal*Mart to donate $50,000 to the school. Then, someone started a GoFundMe campaign that, as of this writing, has raised $27,425 toward its $30,000 goal.

LIZ CHENEY: When she voted to impeach Trump, Rep. Liz Cheney [R-WY] planted herself firmly in the NeverTrump camp with the rest of the elitist RINOs. The fact that she was censured by her own state’s GOP and recent polls showing Trump’s popularity hasn’t waned have apparently had no impact.

At a recent Reagan Institute event, she said, “It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.

No, we don’t. A new NBC News poll showed that support for the GOP by Hispanic blue-collar voters went from 23% (2010) to 36% (2020). Likewise, support for the GOP by Black blue-collar voters went from 5% to 12% over the same time period.

Columnist David Marcus replied, “Cheney’s claims are utterly baseless, and quite frankly, if she really believes the GOP is a racist party, the moral thing to do is to quit the party immediately.

I think it would be more to the point for the Party of “We fought the Civil War to keep slavery legal”, of the KKK, of Jim Crow laws, and of the genocidal Planned Parenthood’s preference for siting abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods to try and explain to us why they aren’t the party of racism.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: On Tuesday, I recounted a story Mama Buzz heard on the radio. She just sent me a link to the written story. “I’m on the side of the road crying…I have to tell you why.”

ROE V WADE: The long-awaited film, Roe v. Wade, will premiere at CPAC today in Orlando, Florida with producer Nick Loeb and Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight. It tells the backstory behind the infamous U.S. Supreme Court abortion ruling. It will be available on DVD starting in April. Amazon has it for pre-order, saying it will ship in early May.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Gov. Kristi Noem has signed a Born Alive act into law. In the great state of South Dakota, babies who survive abortion must be given the same medical and comfort care a premature baby of the same age would get.

WASHINGTON POST: On February 19, one of WaPo’s regular columnists fumed that a TV character chose life instead of aborting her unborn baby. Kate Cohen wrote, “Dammit! I was hoping that the young, professional woman, upon learning she was pregnant right after her jerky boyfriend left her, might decide to have an abortion. Instead, it turns out, she doesn’t even consider it.”

I’m so tired of this,” she continued. “The ability to put a stop to an unwanted pregnancy is part of a kit of tools women have that allow us to determine the course of our own lives. It’s freedom care.”

XAVIER BACERRA: CLICK [:28] to hear FAUXTUS’ nominee to be the HHS Secretary lie. Although technically as California’s Attorney General, Becerra filed his initial lawsuit against the federal government rather than suing the Little Sisters of the Poor directly, it’s a distinction without a difference. If the nuns had lost, they would have been forced to fund abortions.


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  1. Thanks for the link to the water-to-Texas story. An amazing “fortuitous coincidence” tale, and well told besides. I always say, don’t curse the detours (or delays), appreciate them.

    The last “happy conservative” bit reminds me of a fellow on A♠ who exhorts us every morning, “Let’s smile & be happy & strike fear in the hearts of killjoy leftists everywhere.”

    To that end, when I’m at the grocer’s, unmasked as always, and I see people hiding behind their face diapers (in our town broadly required, but more broadly ignored), I sometimes just burst out singing this Depression-era ditty…

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