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ARIZONA: On Friday, a judge ordered Maricopa County to provide some 2.1 million ballots from the Nov. 3 election to the Arizona state Senate and allow access to its election equipment to conduct an audit.

BORDER: There has been a record surge in unaccompanied minors crossing the border and more are expected.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris savaged President Donald Trump for keeping “kids in cages.” But now they’re doing the same thing — and undoing the Trump policies that had mitigated the underlying problem.

CANADA: The Magpie River in Côte-Nord, Quebec, has been granted legal personhood by the local municipality. In accordance with Innu customs and practices, the Alliance has granted the river nine rights: 1) the right to flow; 2) the right to respect for its cycles; 3) the right for its natural evolution to be protected and preserved; 4) the right to maintain its natural biodiversity; 5) the right to fulfil its essential functions within its ecosystem; 6) the right to maintain its integrity; 7) the right to be safe from pollution; 8) the right to regenerate and be restored; and perhaps most importantly, 9) the right to sue.

In other news, unborn human beings are still classified as property.

EDUCATION: CLICK [2:19] to hear part of a California school board meeting. One member noted that 70 – 80% of the parents in the district want their schools to re-open and said they needed to set a date.

The board vice president sniped at her saying she was new and didn’t know what she was talking about. “We don’t have to give anybody any date! We don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to do right now. That’s what you don’t understand. I don’t know where you’re getting your information, or who’s telling you that we have to make a decision today, but that is not how this works.”

She also argued that “forcing” teachers back into classrooms before they receive COVID-19 vaccinations “seems like a very white supremacist ideology” and is akin to “slavery.” Thankfully, she and her opinions were in a minority of one and the board voted to reopen schools in April.

ELECTION FRAUD: CLICK [3:40] to hear an OANN report. Months after the election, credible evidence of voting fraud remains unexplained, raising doubts over the election results. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how Democrats and lawmakers could finally put the question to rest.

EQUALITY ACT: CLICK [1:33] to hear Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) quoting scripture in opposition to this heinous act and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) reply, “What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”

Whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God that nation is in rebellion against him and will inevitably bear the consequences. We are seeing the consequences of rejecting God here in our country today.” – Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL)

CLICK [4:43] to hear Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s statement opposing the mis-named Equality Act. “It’s not about stopping discrimination, it’s creating it. It’s creating discrimination against every single woman and girl in this country.

GUNS and WALLS: Typical of totalitarian regimes.

JIM ACOSTA: CLICK [8:30] to watch Kait expose Acosta’s TDS at CPAC. He cannot come up with a single example of Trump saying anything to incite violent and refuses to condemn Antifa and BLM violence. “I won’t talk to you if you don’t have a mask on.” He also calls CPAC “the big lie conference.”

MASKS: CLICK [3:34] to hear Tucker slam triple masking.

MINIMUM WAGE: Pelosi is determined to keep $15/hr minimum wage in the COVID-19 bill.

Raising the federal minimum wage is a great way to kill jobs, bankrupt small businesses, and make it harder for low-skilled workers to find employment. This is what real legislated poverty looks like.

The radical Left is pushing hard for a $15 minimum wage, but they won’t stop there. Squad member Rashida Tlaib is already calling for a $20 minimum wage, and billionaire Tom Steyer is pushing for $22/hour.” – Ben Shapiro

MUSLIM HOSTILITY: Find the time for this one. [31:36] – This video is not easy listening, but it’s more important than ever that we understand where devout Muslims are coming from.

MUSLIM MODERATES: This piece will mean a lot more if you first watch the “Muslim Hostility” video above – On Thursday, the Pontifical International Marian Academy (PAMI) in Rome launched a 10-week webinar series titled “Mary, a model for faith and life for Christianity and Islam” in collaboration with the Grand Mosque of Rome and the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy.

The series is pushing Mary as “a Jewish, Christian and Muslim woman” who responds “to the genetic codes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” Even on it’s face, that statement should strike everyone as absurd. Yes, Mary was a Jew and she is a Christian. Not only was Islam not even invented until hundreds of years after her time on Earth, but also it denies that Jesus died and rose from the dead.

The idea that she somehow became a Muslim in Heaven should be deeply offensive to every Christian who honors the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Mother, because Islam apparently presents Mary, the Mother of Christ, as being married to and copulating with Muhammad in Paradise.

N.b., the call-to-monotheism link below refutes this claim, saying that, while the line about Mohammed having once said, “Surely Allah will marry me to Mary,” is in a hadith, it is a “weak” hadith. That is, there is little historical evidence that it dates back to Mohammed.

That being said, during his televised Arabic-language program, Dr. Salem Abdul Galil — previously deputy minister of Egypt’s religious endowments for preaching — gleefully declared that, “our prophet Muhammad — prayers and peace be upon him — will be married to Mary the Virgin in paradise.”

NEW MEXICO: On Friday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signed a radical pro-abortion bill into law, legalizing abortion up to birth legal and eliminating conscience protections for doctors and nurses.

Grisham issued a statement celebrating the new law, because it will supposedly promote “equality for all.

Anyone who seeks to violate bodily integrity, or to criminalize womanhood, is in the business of dehumanization. New Mexico is not in that business – not any more. Our state statutes now reflect this inviolable recognition of humanity and dignity.

NIGERIA: On Friday, armed attackers abducted 317 girls from a boarding school in northern Nigeria. The attack is the latest of several mass kidnappings in the West African nation.

According to the AP, a number of large factions of armed men in Zamfara, a state in northwestern Nigeria. The government describes them as bandits and say they often use abductions to obtain money and get their jailed members released.

Law enforcement and military forces are working to rescue the girls.

OUIJA BOARDS: When I was quite young, a teen neighbor got one for Christmas and it inspired my mother to warn me off, citing the Bible and Church teaching. I am grateful; I think it saved me a world of hurt.

PORKULUS: The House has passed a new $1.9 trillion “spend America into bankruptcy” spending bill. This so-called “COVID relief bill” is a poorly disguised wolf in sheep’s clothing that plunges us even deeper in debt to advance the Progressive Globalist Elite’s agendas.

The final version passed by the House was scrubbed of protections for the unborn that had been in all previous relief bills, including the Hyde Amendment that protects pro-life Americans from having their tax dollars used to kill unborn babies.


SOTU: It’s appropriate that the true winner of the election should give it.

TRASHING TRUMP: FAUXTUS appears to have done little in his first month beyond signing dozens of Executive Orders aimed at reversing every single EO signed by President Trump. The latest piece of petty orders scrapped “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture.” Heaven forbid we should build any federal buildings that don’t look like Karl Marx designed them.

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