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ARIZONA: On Thursday, Gov. Doug Ducey added Arizona to the list of states who have opted to end the extra $300 per week in unemployment payments that appear to be an incentive to stay unemployed.

The other states are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wyoming.

BORDER: [3:55] – As the Army Corps of Engineers restarts construction of the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley, officials in Texas may go one step further to build their own wall for the state.

CATHOLIC: The Vatican has been publicly pushing for all mafia members to be excommunicated while simultaneously blocking an effort by many U.S. bishops to refuse Holy Communion to abortion-pushing politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Pope Francis has also ignored the ardent pleas of Cardinals, priests, and bishops to stop the schism in Germany where hundreds of so-called Catholic priests are publicly blessing homosexual unions.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Critical race theory holds that America was founded specifically to promote slavery and that we need to fight racism by eliminating racist attitudes like colorblindness and equal treatment under the law.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the FAUXTUS administration thinks that teaching future leaders of our country that critical race theory is true is not “indoctrination. That’s actually responsible.

EQUITY: California is busy, busy, busy making its entire education system more woke and less educational. In the lower grades, they’re making math “less racist” by eliminating accelerated classes for high performing students. At the college level, they’re making admission standards “less racist” by eliminating the use of ACT and SAT scores.

FAUCI: [5:21] – Democrats don’t want to look into the likelihood that COVID-19 originated from a Wuhan lab leak.

FAUX-CONOMICS: [:29] – White House economic adviser Cecilia Rouse blames the bad April jobs report in part on Easter being in March this year. Easter was on April 4.

Tweet: “The fact that the Biden Administration has no idea when Easter was, is one of the least surprising things ever.”

FAUXTUS: On May 5, Slow Joe answered questions from the press about the $2.3 Trillion spending plan. He claimed the last five Federal Reserve chairmen had come out and said, “Biden’s plan is going to grow the economy.

Two of the five are dead. Another two have been relatively silent, but have certainly NOT claimed the plan would “grow the economy.” The fifth one, Janet Yellen, has promoted the plan, but that’s probably because she is FAUXTUS’ Treasury Secretary.

HARVARD HOGG: As soon as the CDC announced that fully vaccinated individuals could stop wearing masks, David Hogg tweeted, “I feel the need to continue wearing my mask outside even though I’m fully vaccinated because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative.”

My favorite tweet response: “Because I’d rather be thought of as a virtue signaling sheep, than someone who is capable of independent thought.

JACKBOOT: Michigan’s Gov. Gretch is working hard to nail down the Worst Governor Ever title. Now she’s trying to shut down an oil pipeline. The Canadian firm asserts that the federal government has the final jurisdiction in this matter.

EQUAL RIGHTS: They’re supposed to be guaranteed to us “under the law”, but in today’s world, politicians pick and choose which laws they care to enforce.

On Friday, six illegal aliens were welcomed to the FAUX White House where they were described as “undocumented Americans.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning that faking a vaccine passport is a crime that may be punished by hefty fines and prison time.

MARICOPA: [2:26] – The Arizona audit has reached a critical point in the hand recount as auditors take on the task of duplicate ballots.

NEW YUCK CITY: While the BLM riots were underway last summer, the NYC City Council passed a resolution that slashed the department’s $6 billion budget by $1 billion. Only about $382 million actually got cut, but between that, people going crazy from COVID restrictions, and the city releasing violent criminals from prison, the Rotten Apple has seen a wave of crime like the bad old days of the early 1990s. So plans are afoot to spend $105 million to build a new police precinct.

PELOSI: San Fran Nan is delighted with the May 7 letter from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

The letter smeared U.S. bishops’ calls to deny Holy Communion to politicians like Pelosi and Biden who publicly promote abortion as “a source of discord rather than unity within the episcopate and the larger church in the United States.” The letter also used the sanitized “pro-choice” euphemism for abortion support.

Speaker Pelosi cited the letter as she stated that she can make up her own mind on the matter. However, the prohibition on giving Communion to those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin has been a part of Church discipline for centuries. All ministers of the Eucharist have a moral obligation to follow this discipline, and no bishop (or pope) has the power to prevent it.

SOLAR PANELS: CLICK [2:00] to hear John Kerry admit to Congress that solar panels are being made in China by Uyghur slaves.

STAND WITH ISRAEL: Hamas has fired over 300 rockets at Israeli civilians. This isn’t about evictions, annexation, or two states. It’s not about Palestinians or a better future. It’s about Hamas wanting to terrorize Israelis, destroy Israel, and gain power for itself and its Iranian backers.

SUSPICIOUS TIMING: Faced with skyrocketing inflation, a catastrophic jobs report, and gas shortages, the FAUXTUS administration is suddenly taking a virus victory lap.

On Thursday, the CDC announced that, because of the “continuing downward trajectory of cases,” fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks while indoors.

VAX: [:51] – Ohio is trying to lure folks into taking the untested gene therapy mislabeled as a “vaccine” by offering vaccinated Ohioan lottery tickets. Five vaccinated residents will win $1 million each.

IMO, it would be cheaper and more effective to encourage the widespread use of ivermectin, save lives, and let herd immunity happen naturally.

CLICK [:31] to see an awesome save.

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