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A recent CDC report said that, as of April 2021, 10,262 post-vax (aka, breakthrough) infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories. The CDC reported that, of these, 27% were asymptomatic, 10% were hospitalized, and 2% died. The median age of patients who died was 82 years.

Note how the CDC made a point of minimizing any idea that the vaccines are not effective by reporting the percent of breakthroughs who were asymptomatic. Also note that they reported the percent who died (only 2%), rather than the number (approximately 205), as well as emphasizing that those who died were mostly elderly.

Yet when they have reported, with wild alarm, the numbers of total cases and new cases, they have never said how many were asymptomatic or had symptoms mild enough to be treated at home. Nor do they ever stress that almost nobody who has died of COVID-19 has been young and healthy … something which has not been true of people who had been recently vaccinated and not infected.

They also squash/ignore any talk of the highly successful early treatment protocols, encouraging the impression that the disease is untreatable and, by the way, you might die. Yet, if we do the math on the breakthrough cases, it’s clear that more than 60% of those had symptoms that were mild enough to be treated at home.

Another thing they don’t talk about is the fact that recovering from COVID-19 gives a person durable immunity that is superior to that provided by the vaccinations. In fact, they’re telling people they need to get vaccinated even if they’ve had the disease!

They’re also not telling the recovered that they can take off their masks.

It’s important to note that, if they reported that the disease is highly treatable (which it is), people would be a lot less fearful. It would also be obvious that we don’t need to stay locked down.

Last December, health authorities in Mexico City decided to prescribe ivermectin to all COVID-19 positive patients; this initiative resulted in a 52% to 76% reduction in hospitalizations. (Graphs above.)

And a study, published by a FULL YEAR AGO by Dr. Fauci’s own NIH, found that early treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was safe and effective. Of the patients in the study, 91.5% fully recovered within ten days and a minuscule 0.75% died, all of whom were elderly. In addition, the deaths all resulted from respiratory failure, not from cardiac toxicity, the false “HCQ can kill you” bugaboo the media pushed.

We hear a lot about how something like 80% of the population has to be vaccinated before we’ll have herd immunity. Like the death statistics, I think that number is wrong.

According to WebMD, herd immunity occurs when a large enough percentage of the population is immune to a specific disease. There are three ways to achieve that. One is to recover from the disease. A second is to be vaccinated against the disease. And a third is to have a smaller percentage of the high risk population still alive.

Researchers think that herd immunity for COVID-19 would occur when 50% to 67% of the population is resistant.

According to the CDC, 132 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, 32 million more have recovered and are now resistant, and 590,000 Americans have died. (Total: approx. 165 million.)

Granted, some of the vaccinated and recovered may be the same people. However, I think it’s safe to ignore this since a lot of mild or asymptomatic cases of coronavirus patients were never tested and counted, yet they all now have immunity.

In addition, those who have already died were among the most vulnerable, leaving the remainder of the uninfected population likely to recover at a higher rate.

The current population in the United States is approximately 332 million. About 165 million are dead or immune. That puts us at 49% herd immunity for a disease that is at least 99.85% survivable. (The survivability number is probably higher with early treatment.)

It is difficult not to conclude that we have been royally screwed, most likely to benefit the globalist agenda. By encouraging an unnecessary level of fear of the infection, globalists have enhanced compliance with government mandates, kept our economy locked down, and discouraged vaccine hesitancy.

The first two have eroded our pesky freedoms and accustomed us to accepting government dictates about we can and cannot do. The third has destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses and weakened the middle class, while giving a giant advantage to the large corporations that are complicit in the globalist agenda. And the last has lined the pockets of the Big Pharma companies manufacturing the vaccines.

And absolutely ALL of it has helped demoralize the usually happy and hopeful American spirit, making us all much more susceptible to socialism.

Below are recent news items that support the above.

CANADA: A doctor in British Columbia has been suspended from his work in the ER, because he wrote to a British Columbia Provincial Health Officer that he was “quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side effects from this novel treatment.

He told the Health Officer that in his small community, he had observed one patient death, “numerous” allergic reactions, along with three individuals who had suffered “disabling” neurological deficits complete with chronic pain, which persisted “for more than 10 weeks after their first vaccine.”

He is still allowed to work in his private practice. Losing the ability to work in the ER has resulted in his income being cut in half. In addition, because the town is so small, banning this one physician from the ER means the town will have no ER at all for at least two weeks out of every month.

ERIC CLAPTON: Because rock and blues legend Eric Clapton (76) was one of the first people to get the jab (AstraZeneca). His immediate reactions lasted ten days. Twelve weeks later, he had the second shot.

The reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again. … But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

HEART INFLAMMATION: One week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it was investigating heart inflammation in recently vaccinated young adults, Connecticut reported 18 new cases. All 18 required hospitalization. (COVID-19 patients this young are almost never hospitalized.)

The mother of one of them says her son is now out of work, on medication and hooked up to a heart monitor. He will have another MRI in June to see if his condition has improved.

I don’t sleep because … if I hear my son sneeze or if he sounds like he’s out of breath when I call him on my break at work, I get nervous because I just don’t know what else could happen. He basically has a heart condition now and it’s terrifying,” she said.

INFLATED DEATH NUMBERS: Last week, two Minnesota state lawmakers made the video above to explained why they believe COVID-19 deaths have been inflated, possibly by as much as 40%. They are calling for an audit of all Minnesota COVID-19 death certificates. [17:28].

Two papers published on May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were over-counted by at least 40%.

A study of COVID-19 death certificates from New Jersey hospitals found that almost 90% had a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) in place before their hospitalization. People don’t file a DNR unless they are suffering from something terminal.

PROJECT VERITAS: [9:59] – PV reported about Facebook’s program to squash so-called vaccine hesitancy. Facebook fired one of the two whistleblowers, so he agreed to a face-to-face interview with James O’Keefe. It’s worth watching.

TUCKER CARLSON: CLICK https://www.facebook.com/TuckerCarlsonTonight/videos/243565944194236 [10:02] to hear what FAUXTUS and Fauci are and are not on top of. Max sarcasm!

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