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TEXT FROM MAMA BUZZ: “Yesterday, I was watching the cicadas fly around in and out of the trees, and felt such joy! Last week they were loud but pretty still in the heat, then quiet and out of sight during all the rain of the weekend. The looked and sounded so happy to have sunshine again without the overwhelming heat yesterday! And I was struck by how incredible it was to see them and feel that contagious joy (after all, they are large bugs, lol!) It was awesome and then here is this morning’s text message from my local Christian radio station. ‘As Christians, our lives should be marked by joy, taste like joy, and be filled with the fullness of joy.’ – Kevin DeYoung

BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [2:19] to see an amazing cop. The video starts out with the climax, then goes back to show what led up to it. It’s very cool.

BLM EXPOSED: [2:18] – Turner was born in the Twin City area and lost his dad to a shooting at age two before being raised by his grandparents. He says he worked hard to graduate high school and complete his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In 2015, he founded a local BLM chapter to help black lives. He resigned after a year and a half and started the Minnesota Parent Union to help black children get a quality education.

CANADA: Trudeau is either a bad man or an idiot. Maybe both. CLICK [2:47] to hear him say, and I’m paraphrasing, “Some people are prejudiced against Asian-Canadians, therefore the Chinese Communists are our best buddies ever.”

CHICOMS: CLICK [1:43] – Due to a disturbing drop in population, China has bumped its 2-child policy to three. But after decades of restricting couples to one child only, the culture has shifted so much that couples of child-bearing age are now reluctant to commit to having more than one.

ELECTRIC CARS: While Leftists focus on what is or is not spewing out the butt end of their vehicles, they ignore the pollution and emissions required to create those vehicles, as well as the environmental impact of disposing of them. In short, their push to vastly expand the use of electric cars threatens to produce environmental damage on an industrial scale. The two articles below discuss this issue in depth.

FAUXTUS: In Sunday’s Washington Post, “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler wrote an article headlined “Biden’s claim that his ‘great grand-pop’ was a coal miner mostly pans out.

I’m not sure what he means by “mostly”, since in the article, he admits that Biden’s great grandfather Edward Blewitt was a mining engineer and a politician, not a blue-collar miner.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Bryson Kliemann is a diehard Pokémon fan. But he loves his puppy Bruce even more. So when he learned his puppy had fallen ill and needed treatment that his family couldn’t afford, Bryson took matters into his own hands. His mom helped out by posting the photo and making a GoFundMe with a goal of $800. Donations exceeded $5,000.

Bruce is all better and back home now. The extra money is being donated to help other animals whose owners can’t afford treatment. And the employees of Pokémon in Bellevue, Washington, sent Bryson a letter saying, “We were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell.” The gift contained a package of rare Pokémon cards that are hard to find in stores.

SHUT UP: “You feared the verdict of the people so much that you peddled fake memos to try to throw an election. It didn’t work and you got fired. That’s not just in my book. That’s what happened.” – jtLOL

TRUE FACTS: He is funny, as usual, but I can’t quite get over how he still thinks any of these amazing structures are the result of mindless evolution. It makes a whole lot more sense to me that a super-intelligent personality with a hyperactive imagination thought up the idea of a trap jaw, then challenged Himself to make as many versions as he could think of. [10:51] – Anyway, some of the comments on the video are priceless.

‘Sticky doorknob’ sounds like one of those slang terms you’d look up on Urban Dictionary and immediately regret it.

I never realised how much I wanted to watch 10min of ants majestically spinning into the air in slow motion at 3am until I saw this.”

“‘A spermatheca is… sigh okay, imagine you’re on the wheel of fortune-‘ and I had to pause there because I got the wind knocked out of me for laughing so hard.”

Him: ‘Play this in Sex Ed class without telling them what it is and just say always wear a condom.’ Every substitute teacher ever: WRITE THAT DOWN!

True fact: humans heart rate rises and pupils dilate when they see a zefrank video notification.

ZeFrank is happiness, joy, and snort-laughter, delivered in a package of facts. That are true.

TRUMP HATE: From Newsbusters – One has to wonder at the ethics of Vanity Fair that Bess Levin is still employed there. Levin is so obsessed with Donald Trump that she even makes up fake quotes to slander him.

E.g., on March 8, she put these words into Lindsay Graham’s mouth, “I’m willing to overlook the fact that Trump has probably beaten a few homeless people to death.

This week she hit a new low, fantasizing about Trump spending the rest of his life in prison where his sons would have to smuggle contraband in on visiting day “hidden in their ass cheeks. (And let’s be honest, they’d shove that flip phone up their orifices in a heartbeat, probably fighting over which one of them got to do with honors.)”

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny, Blossom, and Bootz at their local Memorial Day Parade. Buzz marched in the parade with his Scout troop! I’m so proud of him!!


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  1. Dan Rather is such an imbecile. NO ONE is trying to prevent people from voting — we’re trying to prevent people from cheating.

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