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2A: On Wednesday, FAUXTUS falsely stated that the Clinton era assault weapons ban had reduced crime.

A 2004 Department of Justice funded study from the University of Pennsylvania Center of Criminology concluded the ban resulted in “no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence.”

He also falsely stated that cities with the highest crime rates, like Chicago, Baltimore and New York, don’t already have strict gun control laws.

They do. In fact, all of the states with the highest crime rates and the strictest gun control laws are deep blue. And within these states, cities controlled by liberal Democrats that have even harsher gun control laws than their states do rank among the highest in the nation for violent crime.

FAUXTUS also sneered at gun owners who object to gun control, suggesting he would use the military to quash rebellion. “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

Funny thing how, on Jan. 6, a few hundred unarmed protesters were some kind of imminent threat to our very way of life.

BORDER: CLICK [:45] to hear the utterly shameless VFAUXTUS blame Trump for the border crisis and claim “our administration has made progress.

CATHOLIC: The cowards “leading” my church have announced that their proposed document on the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church will contain, “no national policy on withholding Communion from politicians.

EUROPEAN UNION: The European Parliament has officially declared abortion to be a human right and an essential health service. In addition, doctor’s objection to abortion based on personal beliefs about the unborn are classified as denial of medical care.

FIRST NATIONS: Two Catholic churches attended by First Nations peoples in British Columbia were burned to the ground early Monday morning. Police found signs of liquid accelerant at both Sacred Heart Church on Penticton Indian Band Land and St. Gregory’s Church on Osoyoos Band Land, near Oliver.

FLORIDA: On Thursday, part of a 12-story apartment building collapsed in Surfside, Florida, leaving at least one dead and an undetermined number of residents trapped in the rubble and debris.

Dozens of survivors have been rescued and authorities are still working to get more people out. The exact number of people who were in the building at the time of the disaster is unknown, but it is believed that dozens are still unaccounted for.

HERO TO ZERO: Earlier this week, Carl Nassib outed himself as the first actively homosexual player in the NFL. The Left hailed his courage! FAUXTUS tweeted him two thumbs up for his courage and his jersey became an instant best seller.

Then, oops, it ALSO came out that he is a registered Republican who voted for Donald Trump.

Tweeters piled on. “I’m proud of and support Carl Nassib for coming out….unless he’s a Trump supporter then that is just problematic.” “I don’t care if he’s gay and proud. That administration was evil and he doesn’t get a pass.”

I wonder if those jerseys are returnable …

ILLINOIS: CLICK [2:20] to see a really brave girl speak to her school board in an Indianapolis suburb. Tissue alert.

SCIENTIFIC RACISM: Dr. Samuel Cartwright (1793 – 1863) was a physician best known as the inventor of the ‘mental illness’ of drapetomania, the desire of a slave for freedom. He said that slaves should be kept in a submissive state and treated like children, with “care, kindness, attention, and humanity to prevent and cure them from running away.”

During the American Civil War, Cartwright joined the Confederate States of America and was assigned the responsibility of improving sanitary conditions in the camps about Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Port Hudson, Louisiana. Too bad for the soldiers under his care that he was an outspoken opponent of germ theory.

CLICK [10:49] to hear Tucker Carlson compare Cartwright to the current Leftist push to demonize whiteness.

You can’t maintain a multiracial democracy unless people of every color have exactly the same rights and responsibilities under the law, and are considered of precisely the same moral value under God. … All lives have to matter or it doesn’t work.” – Tucker Carlson

TRANS: This person despises the nation that pampers and coddles gender-neurotics to the point where they are allowed to beat out real women for the honor of representing said nation at the Olympics. This makes me so angry!

BMXer “Chelsea” Wolfe will be joined in Tokyo by fellow “transgender” athlete “Laurel” Hubbard, a New Zealand male who frequently lost weightlifting competitions when competing with other men. Then, golly gee whiz, who woulda thunk, after declaring himself a female, he qualified for the Summer Olympics.

Hmm … I wondered if “Chelsea” ever competed on the male BMX circuit.

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