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BACK THE BLUE: Watch this! CLICK [3:20] to see a great video about an anti-cop civil rights activist who accepted the challenge to go through police force training. He says, “My attitude has changed.”

BORDER: CLICK [8:24] to hear OANN report on the border crisis.

ELECTION FRAUD: A recent report shows coordination between the presidential ballot counting process in Georgia and that in Pennsylvania. It is easy to infer that some entity was behind ensuring Biden won both states. Details at the link.

FLORIDA: CLICK [3:50] to hear Michael Knowles talk about Lefty teachers like the one who posted on TikTok who think they are the sole arbiters of what gets taught in their classrooms.

KINDNESS: “Child care in any profession is a challenge, but in science, it can even be more challenging,” the professor said. “Experiments don’t always fit a 9-to-5 schedule.

NEW YORK CITY: When rioters were tearing down statues of our founders, they told us to chillax. “It’s just property. And anyway, they NEED to vent their anger.”

PENNSYLVANIA: Watch this one! CLICK [4:48] to hear concerned citizen Simon Campbell give the Pennsbury School Board in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a piece of his mind at a recent board meeting. At one point a member of the school board cut Campbell off, telling him that he would not be allowed to speak unless he toned down his rhetoric. Campbell replied with righteous anger, declaring “We have a God-given Constitutional right to critique you, and we can speak in any lawful tone that we see fit.”

PORTLAND: Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Portland cops ID’d the victim of a fatal police shooting as ‘white’ to prevent an Antifa riot. I guess “All Cops Are Bastards” unless they shoot White men. Then what … they’re performing a public service?

POWER GRAB: CLICK [8:27] to hear media pundits get very hot and bothered about how democracy itself will die unless Democrats get unconstitutional control over how elections are run.

RACISM: The FAUXTUS administration has been to trying to achieve “racial equity” by illegally favoring non-whites over whites.

Last month, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals halted racial and gender discrimination built into the Coronavirus Relief package that recently passed Congress.

And this week, a U.S. federal judge blocked a federal stimulus relief package that forgave agricultural debts, but only to farmers of color.

TIKTOK: The ChiComs own the popular social video-sharing app TikTok. They just gave themselves permission to collect biometric data of U.S. users, including faceprints and voiceprints, as well as information about the objects and scenery in the video, the nature of the audio, the text of words spoken, and the location where it was filmed.

WEDDING: This was posted on Facebook. Here are some of the responses.

This person has never actually met a peacock.”

“I’m going to hard pass on a decorative murder chicken.”

“Peacocks are crackheads in fancy clothing, they are not to be trusted.”

“Blood and feathers: the story of how a wedding turned into a massacre.”

“I’ve heard a peacock scream. I can’t imagine how loud they would be in a closed room. Bad idea all around.”

“Because who doesn’t want their wedding vows drowned out by the screams of a giant angry folding fan.

GRAMMY: Mama and Buzz went on a two night camping trip with Buzz’s Scout troop. Mama reports, “So peaceful and we have our own private beach!!! Gorgeous weather too — last night we watched the moon rise.”


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  1. If Nurgle took a bath…? Watched 30 seconds and felt like I had tuned into a channel from another planet, another dimension, or maybe Japan. I mean, I recognized that he was using (mostly) English words, but had no idea what he was saying, like when my kids would talk about RPGs and video games. Did you throw this in here to make me feel old and out of it? 😛

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      ROFLL … not entirely … well, not at all, actually. Mama and Papa Buzz have recently gotten into table top war gaming in a YUGE way. She shares her favorite painting miniatures videos, because I’m into that even though I’m meh about the war gaming part. Dearest and I play Backgammon and Rummy. I did watch a how to video about their chosen game, World of Warcraft: Age of Sigmar, so I’d have some idea what the characters were about and for. Long story short … I thought this particular video was interesting and funny.

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