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2A: As of June 20, 61% of all U.S. counties have declared themselves to have Second Amendment Sanctuary status at either the state or county level.

The Second Amendment sanctuary movement was born out of a grassroots effort, brought on by county or municipal leaders who vowed to not enforce any gun laws imposed by state or federal bodies they deemed were unconstitutional.

CANADA: A recent report says Canada’s government-run health care system canceled some 353,000 surgeries, procedures and clinical consultations because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Overall, between April 2019 and December 2020, the report found that over 10,000 of these people died while waiting for surgery, a procedure, diagnostic scan or appointment with a specialist. Patients who did receive surgery but died during or shortly thereafter due to conditions worsened by the wait went uncounted.

Because of the backlog, Ontario alone has an estimated backlog amounting to 3.5 years, which means more people will die in this country where private health care is illegal.

CANCEL CULTURE: [1:21] – Nick Vujicic (38) is a motivational speaker who travels the world to spread the message of the Gospel. Born without any limbs, he overcame enormous obstacles to create his own ministry organization, Life Without Limbs.

Beginning in March 2019, he decided to speak out for unborn babies killed through abortion. Within 16 weeks, “we had a grenade at our house, a false magazine article published against me, a lawsuit threat, a spying drone, and a bank kicked me out. They froze my credit cards, froze my debit cards. They gave me a letter to say that they did a review of me as a client and they don’t want anything to do with me.”

Vujicic learned that his bank, along with most others, regularly donate to organizations that support the murder of babies through abortion. He and a long-time friend are now looking into founding a pro-life bank.

CLINTON: Chelsea Clinton is one of seven people sitting on the Board of Directors at Clover Health, which is the target of a class action case accusing the health insurer and its CEO of defrauding investors. Clinton owns about $7 million in Clover Health Class B Common Stock and has been on the board since 2017.

COVID-19: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S., invented mRNA vaccines back in the late 1980s. But after he publicly spoke out about the dangers of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, both of which use mRNA technology, Wikipedia removed him from their data base and YouTube censored his comments..

On a June 10, 2021 podcast, he discussed a number of serious safety concerns about the two vaccines, warning about future autoimmune issues caused by the spike proteins within the mRNA injections. He also stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was aware that the spike proteins were “biologically active and could travel from the injection site and cause adverse events, and that the spike protein, if biologically active, is very dangerous.”

The FDA knows about this, because of a Japanese study that was suppressed. A FOIA requester got hold of it and learned it shows that lipid nanoparticles spread through the body within four hours of injection. These lipid nanoparticles are like the “boxes” the mRNA is shipped in; the mRNA tells the body to produce the spike protein. Because the lipid nanoparticles were found to settle in large concentrations in the ovaries, bone marrow and lymph nodes, Malone said vaccine recipients need to be monitored for leukemia and lymphomas, which could take years to develop.

The 3 hour podcast is no longer available at YouTube, but can be heard at the Children’s Health Defense link below. Scroll down to the bottom. In the podcast, Malone also says, “Vanden Bossche’s concern is not theoretical. It is real and we have the data. We’re stuck with this virus or its downstream variants pretty much for the rest of our lives and it’s going to become more like the flu. We will have continuing evolution and circulation of variants, and that is an escape.”

Vanden Bossche is a vaccinologist who published a warning earlier this year (third link below) in which he proposes that mass vaccinations could cause more lethal variants to emerge.

DRAG QUEENS: Matt Philbin at Newsbusters makes an interesting point (graphic) about Leftist weeping and gnashing of teeth over the arrest of a drag queen for allegedly having sexually assaulted an audience member. Queen Bukkake spent two nights in jail before the charges were dropped.

Philbin quotes Brock Thompson’s sneering at the offended audience member, because supposedly everybody “knows” that drag shows are all about “lewdness, the mocking of gender and sexual boundaries, drag queens practically playing jump rope with the lines of decency.

Lines are blurred, flirted with, redrawn, openly mocked. But you can see the boundary if you try. That’s what drag is for. That’s what makes it so compelling. If you can’t respect it, can’t respect the queens that perform, then don’t enter that space.”

EDUCATION: The number of students who attended public schools during the 2020-2021 academic year was about 3% (1.5 million students) lower than the previous school year. The majority of the drop came from younger students.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [1:48] to see an elderly and visibly confused man try/fail to answer a question from a constituent. Apparently, the “they” he mentions are the ones actually running the country. “They” weren’t elected to the office any more than Joe Biden was.

Meanwhile, jerknalists report on how charmingly self-caring it is for Slow Joe to treat himself to two scoops of vanilla chocolate chip in a waffle cone. Remember when Trump’s second scoop was proof positive he was a selfish pig?

FLORIDA: With Tropical Storm Elsa approaching, officials decided to have a demolition crew do a controlled collapse of the remaining structures of the wrecked condo in Surfside, Florida. Sadly, 121 victims are still missing.

FREEDOM: “Black people are not free,” says Black CONGRESSWOMAN Cori Bush, whose net worth is estimated at $7 MILLION.

JAN. 6: CLICK [5:17] to hear an OANN report on the DOJ’s unlawful treatment of peaceful right-wing protesters, while violent left-wing protesters have been routinely let free. Trump supporters are being held in solitary confinement, getting beat up, and denied bail. Some haven’t even been charged yet. I’m unclear about when this was aired. The Rumble date is July 4, but the guy mentions a June 19th rally that would be “next Saturday.” I checked the Look Ahead American website and found that rally called a success and notice of another one planned for July 17th.

TREASURE: When I saw this, I thought of Matthew 6:19-21. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth [or in the earth!], where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.

TRUMP: The Donald is so squeaky clean that, after years of prosecutors targeting Trump in search of a crime, the worst they’ve come up with is something that is SOP throughout the country.

That is, giving employees perks that don’t show up on their W-2 forms, so go untaxed … just like every corporation that gives out free stuff, like country club dues, transportation, tuition, etc.

New York State is going after his company and its CFO for what they call a “sweeping and audacious” tax fraud scheme. Yeah, no. This is about as “blind” as the “justice” Dinesh D’Souza got when he was jailed for something Democrats get away with all the time.

GRAMMY NOTES: Warrior Princess (my youngest) just sent this to me. I replied, “Beautiful! It reminds me of how I have always objected strenuously to being called a housewife. I’m not married to my house! Homemaker is a much better word! Plus, IMO, home isn’t limited to inside one’s dwelling. Wherever we are with family, we take home with us.”

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