FAUXTUS confabulates again

Last week, the Dodgers visited the White House where FAUXTUS regaled the team with a story about how he hit the ball 368 ft off the right-centerfield wall during a Congressional baseball game. He made a big deal about how his boys remember that happening. Maybe they need cognitive testing as well (though maybe not the dead one), because the record shows that Sen. Joe didn’t stand out on the ball field any more than he did in the Senate.

(For decades, he has been widely considered the dumbest man in Washington. Given the competition … that’s really saying something. Remember when Rep. Hank Johnson worried that Guam might tip over and capsize … and he wasn’t kidding?)

While Joe was very specific about what Congressional baseball game he was talking about, Zach Parkinson (Deputy Communications Director & Research Director at Republican National Committee Washington, District Of Columbia) looked up not just that one (1974), but also the ones before and after to be sure.

In 1973 and 1974, then-Senator Biden had two at bats for a total of two strikes outs, one ground out, and one single. In 1975, he was so late to the game that he only played one inning with no at bats; that was the first game the Dems had won since 1963.

During the team visit, FAUXTUS and VFAUXTUS were gifted with custom uniform shirts with their POTUS and VPOTUS numbers on them. But this isn’t the first time Slow Joe has worn #46.

In the newspaper articles Zach Parkinson dug up, then-Senator Biden talk about the Phillies’ uniform shirt he wore when he played on the Democrat team. It also had #46 on it. You can see it in the 1975 photo.

In the 1974 newspaper article, he says he kind of “stole it.” Hmm … a stolen shirt, a stolen election, both #46. Methinks God has a wicked sense of humor.

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