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BEN SHAPIRO: CLICK [5:37] to hear how he and his Boston University audience dealt with agitators who attempted to silence his speech. [CtH hoping MW gets her silly graphic joke.]

CALIFORNIA: Democrats have added another $1.3 billion to Cali taxpayers’ burden, this time to expand Medicaid to cover even more illegals. Dems are also considering paying meth addicts to stay in treatment.

EDUCATION: As parents across the country fight to keep critical race theory out of their kids’ schools, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest labor and teachers’ union in the U.S., has voted to commit $172,600 toward promoting it.

ILLINOIS: A teacher has filed a lawsuit against Evanston/Skokie School District 65, charging that white students and teachers are being illegally discriminated against and forced to accept that their “white identity is inherently racist.”

IRONMAN TRIATHLON: ESPN has chosen to honor Chris Nikic with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. Last November, Chris became the first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon. The Florida race consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile marathon run.

The Jimmy V Award is named for basketball coach Jim Valvano, who died of bone cancer just a year after being diagnosed. Together with ESPN, he founded the V Foundation. In the moving speech (above), he implored people to never give up. [10:01]

JULY 4: CLICK [1:50] to hear John Stamos’ powerful Independence Day message to his son.

CLICK [:59] to hear Texas Wal*Mart shoppers sing a spontaneous National Anthem.

KINDNESS: A teen in Rhode Island has an unusual hobby. He buys storage units at auction, then tracks down the owners of the contents and returns their belongings to them. He said it’s not like a garage sale, where the seller wants to get rid of the stuff. Storage unit contents are auctioned when the unit’s renter has been unable to pay. One of the units he bought contained family heirlooms; another contained mementos of a child who had died.

PECULIAR INSTITUTION: CLICK [3:07] to hear Dinesh D’Souza give a compelling argument (apart from its support for Muslims) for why the Democratic Party is racist now.

PRONOUNS: CLICK [13:21] to hear an excellent talk by Ben Shapiro about how the Left’s confusing demands about pronoun usage are all about control.

RAAACISM: Last week, the science-y left told us that climate is racist, because it supposedly makes Black neighborhoods hotter than White ones. Now, behold! Firework smoke is also racist! National Geographic reliably (I’m sure) informs us that it disproportionately pollutes the air of People of Color.

SPEECHLESS: Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds by Michael Knowles sold more than 17,000 copies in just the first week which, according to independent sales trackers, makes it the top selling nonfiction book in the country.

But according to the New York Slime’s Nonfiction Best Seller list, it didn’t even place … even though their top Nonfiction Best Seller sold 12,000 copies that same week. Funny thing how a book about censorship got censored.

At Amazon, Speechless, which has garnered five stars from customers, is ranked #1 in three categories (Censorship & Politics; Propaganda & Political Psychology; Civil Rights & Liberties) and #13 overall.

VAX: The effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine was about 94.5% during May and June, I’m guessing when the Alpha strain of COVID-19 was prevalent. But it appears to be only 64% effective against the Delta variant which has now spread widely.

WIKIPEDIA: The famous on-line encyclopedia is more left-biased than ever, says Larry Sanger, one of its co-founders. Wikipedia’s editors have “systematically purged conservative mainstream media sources. … They want to set the boundaries of the debate, and they want to tell you how to think about it.”

Among the sources that are not permitted at Wikipedia are Fox News, the New York Post, the Daily Mail, Breitbert, The Blaze, The Daily Wire, The Gateway Pundit, Newsmax, Quillette, The Federalist, and the Daily Caller. By banning sources that support conservative viewpoints, the editors ensure those viewpoints never see the light of day.

It is not too far to say that Wikipedia, like many other deeply biased institutions of our brave new digital world, has made itself into a kind of thought police that has de facto shackled conservative viewpoints with which they disagree. Democracy cannot thrive under such conditions: I maintain that Wikipedia has become an opponent of vigorous democracy.”


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