Are we in the End Times?

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3 responses to “Are we in the End Times?

  1. Apologizing for all the “fresh pollen” I’ve added in one day. But thank you for this. When the satellites are brought down, there will be color and streaks of light – terrible tons of “hail” will rain down – and the governments (and all they govern) will be horrified and full of terror. I’ve had these dreams – and was calm – and there was family and others too. We, at our “compound,” do not believe that His Kingdom will be established while man inhabits the heavens and have reasoned this is the biblical/Revelation gigantic hail (could be wrong, but…). We too doubt that this will take place long from now – not more than two decades (perhaps, but…). The harvest is ripening. From 1948, “This generation will not pass away…” And yes, we do pray for His speedy return. Not the hour or the day, but His children know the season. The Spirit and the Body say “come.” Thank you for being an ambassador of His Kingdom!

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