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BORDER: Be sure to CLICK [5:18] to hear how FAUXTUS is using our military to secretly shuffle illegals from border states to other areas.

CATHOLIC: Tokyo’s chief Catholic prelate, Archbishop Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi, is asking all Catholics arriving for the Olympics to stay out of his churches. You know, because COVID! Like God isn’t bigger than a virus and his job isn’t to swing wide the doors of the sanctuary.

COVID-19: CLICK [9:08] to hear an OANN report on how the feds want your phone carriers to scan all your texts for “misinformation” about the coronavirus/vaccine.

The point about vaccinated people objecting to the unvaccinated attending family gatherings has hit our extended family as well. It doesn’t matter to me; none of them visit me anyway. But they made my daughter cry and that makes me mad.

ESPY AWARDS: In 2015, ESPN gave Caitlyn Jenner the “Arthur Ashe Courage Award” for deciding to change genders. Since then, the ESPY Awards Show has lost 85% of it’s viewers.

GEORGIA: In March, the court gave Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) permission to inspect all mail-in ballots cast in Fulton County in the 2020 election.

This week, VoterGA reported that their in-depth analysis of these ballots showed massive, provable fraud in both the original 2020 election totals and in the later audit totals.

LIFE: A deadbeat dad has been charged with abducting and stabbing his toddler daughter to death. But this wasn’t the first, second, or even third time he tried to kill her. When he first learned of the pregnancy, he told the mother to get an abortion. When she refused, he put on more and more pressure without getting the result he wanted. Then, he assaulted her, hoping that his unborn daughter would die as a result.

OHIO: On Wednesday, Gov. DeWine signed a bill into law banning the state’s public schools and universities from requiring people to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that has not been fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

YOUTUBE: For several years, Henderson County, North Carolina, board of commissioners has uploaded videos of their meetings to YouTube so the public can view them as desired. Citizens who speak in the public comment period are allotted three minutes and can talk about any subject.

But YouTube decided that public comments made on June 16 violated its terms and conditions regarding “medical misinformation” about coronavirus vaccines. YouTube yanked the video within two hours and denied the commissioners appeal.

To their credit, the commissioners called an emergency meeting June 18, during which they decided they would seek out other platforms on which the board’s meetings can be posted and avoid buying Google products wherever possible.

Henderson County’s budget currently includes about $400,000 for Google Chromebooks for the county’s public school system. They’re going to find an equivalent that is not manufactured by YouTube’s dictatorial owner.


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  1. My husband and I have declined the vaccine, because neither of us is particularly frightened of a cold virus with a survival rate of 99.8%, and we have no interest in being guinea pigs for an untested drug. Now that most things have around here have opened up, we can go almost anywhere we want to go… except church. That’s the one place where we still aren’t welcome. Sigh…

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Woe to your pastor!

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      • We got so desperate after a year without church that we actually tried going to another church of a different denomination. No one there wore masks, most didn’t bother to socially distance, and everyone was very nice and welcoming. But I didn’t last long there because it wasn’t sacramental, and for me, the sacrament is the whole point of going to church. If all you’re going to do is sing a few songs and hear a sermon, I can do that at home in my pajamas. I have hundreds of hours’ worth of beautiful sacred music on my computer and there are countless excellent sermons online, so what’s the point of getting dressed and driving somewhere to do something I can do just as well without leaving home?

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  2. Regarding unvaccinated attending family gatherings: That is sad. We all have a book, God is the author, and I pray peace for you and yours. I am in NTx and y’all welcome to our gatherings. We will never take something that will change what was designed by God.

    Re. “If the vaccines work, then the vaxxed are safe…” We are told almost daily by our employer that the best preventive measure is to get the “vax.” Then why are they mandating the un-vaxxed return to the office (and “jump through hoops” to do so) if that is a risk? It’s contradictory, especially for our line of business.

    Fin. Thank you for every single post. And regarding the Darryl Cooper thread, losing probably did indeed keep our POTUS alive.

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