COVID Insanity Moments

From the people who have been yapping at us to “Follow The Science” …

In Denver, they banned family members from playing catch in a public park.

In Italy, two cops rousted a lone guy laying on an empty beach.

In California, they pulled a lone kayaker from the water.

In Ireland, two doctors were suspended for going hiking out in the middle of nowhere.

Kids under 2 at daycare don’t wear masks ever, but turn 2 years old and 1 day & they wear masks for 6 hours straight Except for eating and napping B/c little known fact: Covid can’t be transmitted while you’re sleeping! But once a toddler is awake? Boom! Super spreader!

When the day care at the school was open, but the classrooms were closed.

After the children were allowed to return to in person school in late March 2021, my kids’ school did not allow anyone to use the playground equipment. This was long after most other playgrounds reopened around our county.

On Labor Day weekend, the streets of Carmel by the Sea were packed, but the beach was off limits and guarded by police, unless you were going to cross it to get to the ocean to “exercise.” We were not allowed to watch our kids in the water, so we went home.

In Michigan, Whitmer banned all boats with motors. Row boats, canoes, and kayaks were allowed. Later, when the motor ban was lifted, boats were limited to four people regardless of size of family or boat.

While simultaneously claiming that 99% of new cases are in the unvaccinated, the CDC actually only track vaccine status on those who get sick enough to need hospitalization.

No gatherings above 10 people, but protests could go up to 100 people.

Someone called the cops on me for sitting on my 6th floor balcony without a mask.

In LA, a restaurant spent thousands to comply with outdoor seating rules. The city closed them, while allowing a film crew’s caterer to serve from a tent right next to the restaurant.

Banning eating inside a restaurant, but allowing structures to be built outside within which people could eat.

In New York, chips could only be served with salsa, not without.

When restaurants were allowed back open, and you had to wear your mask until you were seated. Because the Rona doesn’t come for you when seated.

I saw a guy at the gym put hand sanitizer on his gloves.

I saw musicians playing their instruments through holes in their masks.

Three weeks ago, I had my credit card sprayed with disinfectant before it was handed back to me.

I was told I might have to wear a mask giving birth.

I saw a man out walking pull his mask down to take a drag on his cigarette, then put the mask back up to protect his health.

I saw a group of women SCREAMING at a guy hiking at the top of a mountain to put a mask on.

Competitive swimmers practiced 6 feet apart in chlorinated water.

In Pennsylvania, youth baseball infielders have to put on their masks if there is a base runner.

In New York, high school cross country runners have to wear a mask while competing.

The arrows you had to follow in the grocery store. Because viruses can only attack you if you’re going certain directions down aisles.

Target forced everyone to go in and out of the same entrance because of Covid restrictions.

Restricting what people could buy after they were already inside the store. I heard one old guy was not allowed to purchase river rocks that he had already put in his cart, because it had come from a banned aisle.

We decided to use the lockdown to start a garden and we weren’t allowed to go to the garden section of the store and had to buy everything on Amazon.

SCOTUS ruling that Nevada can allow casinos, restaurants, and other businesses to operate at 50% percent of capacity with proper social distancing, while simultaneously barring churches from doing the same.

Closing all the small businesses, schools, and churches— but pretending it’s perfectly fine to cram the entire community into the single open Costco & Walmart in town.


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4 responses to “COVID Insanity Moments

  1. red

    OMG! these are funny. BTW, India is threatening to sue WHO for lying about the Delta virus. About 3% of her population is vaxxed, and they’re not doing any more. There is no problem in India. They’re as healthy as always. Be blessed, and thank you!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Based on what I’ve heard about the role of Vitamin D, I’d guess the folks who can’t afford a/c in sunny countries are doing just fine.

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  2. Future generations — if there are any — are going to laugh themselves silly over this insanity.

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  3. Great Wu-flu review… Greatest hits of panic theater. Hadn’t seen several of those. Blocked play area but closed street for play really epitomizes the ludicrousness of it all.