Nancy Pelosi’s Big Fat Lie

Lying Nancy is claiming that the January 6th assault on the Capitol Building was the worst of its kind since the War of 1812.

In 1915, a bomb exploded in the Senate wing, causing extensive damage.

In 1954, five congressmen were wounded on the floor when 4 members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party opened fire from the visitor area.

In 1971, a bomb exploded in the Senate wing of the Capitol, causing extensive damage but no injuries. The Weather Underground claimed responsibility. Bill Ayers, one of the groups leaders, participated in the Capitol bombing, as well as the bombings of a New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970 and the Pentagon in 1972. Ayers is now celebrated as an education expert. Barack Obama’s political career was launched in his living room.

In 1983, a bomb exploded in the Capitol’s north wing, causing extensive damage but no injuries. Three people were later convicted of this bombing, as well as bombings at Ft. McNair, and the Washington Navy Yard.

In 1998, two Capitol Police officers were killed in the line of duty by an armed assailant who stormed past a U.S. Capitol security checkpoint and made it deep into the building, where he was shot.

In 2018, more than 300 people stormed Capitol Hill to protest the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

In 2020, in late May, tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter supporters laid siege to the White House following the death of career criminal George Floyd. More than 60 Secret Service officers and special agents sustained multiple injuries in three days worth of violent clashes in Lafayette Park and near the White House.

Some demonstrators repeatedly attempted to knock over security barriers and vandalized six Secret Service vehicles. Protesters threw bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items at officers and some Secret Service personnel were also kicked, punched and exposed to bodily fluids. Sixty Secret Service agents were wounded; 11 needed hospital care. This was the worst attack on the White House since 1812 and it was perpetrated by people the Democrats support and continually apologize for.

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    Much thanks, you have an excellent mind.
    As for the leftist nazis, a curse on their evil. A curse on their ungodly power, protection, and wealth. Now, let’s get that broken sewer, the dnc, cleaned out and thrown into the outhouse of life, which is where so many have crawled out of.

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