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BORDER: No other nation in the world has open borders [4:45].

CHILD SACRIFICE: Video warning: content may be difficult for some viewers [2:32] – Luke Lancaster writes at, “When atheists want to discredit God and the Bible, one of their whipping boys is Jephthah in the Old Testament. They see Jephthah in Judges 11 offering his only daughter to God as a sacrifice, and they object that his action is not condemned as evil in God’s Word. …

Judges 11 is not about God signing off on child sacrifice. … [Jephthah] made a stupid vow to God that ended up contradicting God’s law delivered to Moses. He was so sure about what would come out of his house—sure in the way that only God can ever be sure—that he thought he could impose a deal on God, notwithstanding the risk of transgressing God’s own laws in doing so. And then, even worse, when Jephthah saw the folly of his bargain, not only did he not repent of making such a foolish vow and beg for God’s forgiveness, but he doubled down and did the thing God had unequivocally condemned!”

EXORCISM: The building at 72 Ransom Street NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was originally constructed in the 19th century as a Jewish synagogue; later, it was used as a Greek Orthodox church. Sadly, it became the largest abortion facility in western Michigan. Local pro-life activists worked and prayed for many years to shut it down.

After eight years and an estimated 20,000 abortions, pro-lifers convinced the owner of the building to sell it to them. They immediately evicted the abortion practice and turned the building into a pro-life pregnancy resource center.

According to the new owners, a day or two after taking control of the building, a small group of Christian pro-life leaders gathered in the building to pray. They chose to specifically pray by the back-alley entrance that had been used by the abortionist to enter and exit the building. They held hands in a circle and prayed that God would cleanse the space of evil.

Suddenly, at the very moment a local pastor in their group concluded their prayer with “Amen,” the back-alley door swung open on its own and a rush of air went through the room and out the door. A few seconds later, a cool breeze began blowing in from the open door.

The group quietly walked back to the front of the building. While meditating on what they had just witnessed, a neighbor stopped by and asked what they had done with the statue of a demon that had been on the roof. The pro-life group had never seen such a statue and hadn’t removed anything, yet the woman insisted she had seen it on top of the building for some time, but that it was now gone.

One of the pro-life leaders present later described the events as “a spiritual transfer of ownership.” The building is now home to LIFE International, a pro-life organization dedicated to creating pro-life materials and training pro-life leaders around the world.

KINDNESS: When a juvenile orca whale was discovered beached on Prince of Wales Island, people gathered to keep it hydrated until high tide. The young whale survived and has rejoined its pod.

LYING WITH STATISTICS: It is true that “Extreme temperatures kill 5 million people a year.” It is also true that “heat-related deaths are rising.” It is NOT TRUE that heat kills 5 million people a year.

Table 1 in the study published at the Lancet (link below) reports the annual average excess deaths due to non-optimal temperatures for 2000–2019 equaled 5,083,173. Of these, 4,594,098 were cold-related deaths vs. 489,075 that were heat-related deaths.

For those Science Science Science Democrats who can’t pay attention to little things like facts, that means that extreme cold killed ten times as many people as extreme heat did.

As for the change over the twenty years covered, the excess cold-related excess deaths declined at a faster rate than heat-related deaths rose. Planet Moron calculated that, because of the slight warming of our climate, 150,000 people did NOT die of cold.

VAX TAX: Ian Millhiser, a senior correspondent for the left-wing website Vox and senior policy analyst for Center for American Progress, tweeted: “Congress should increase the income tax rate on taxpayers who are unvaccinated, and who have no legitimate religious or medical reason to be unvaccinated, to 99 percent.

Or maybe you could herd us all into an internment camp with infected illegals. That’ll teach us!

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