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2A: Note that the reference to decreasing gun violence is from 2016, before the “Summer of Love” and “Defund the Police” [4:50] – On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that he has pardoned the McCloskeys.

BORDER: A Texas rancher says he has sustained $60,000 in property damages because of the ongoing invasion of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border.

CATHOLIC: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has instituted a monthly Traditional Latin Mass at San Francisco’s Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption. He has also been leading the faithful in a Litany of Reparations for abuses against the Eucharist.

COVID-19: You gotta watch this! CLICK [17:11] to hear about how brave Canadians won. The mandates in Alberta are over. All of them. The disease is now classified as a mild flu! [TY, Mindful Webworker!]

CUOMO: On Tuesday, New York State’s AG Letitia James announced that a nearly five-month investigation has confirmed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple current and former state government employees, creating a hostile work environment that was “rife with fear and intimidation.”

CLICK [7:36] to hear Tucker snark on “Cuomo’s serial creepiness.”

DUCT TAPE: It really does have 1,000 uses. Click to read and see the video about this one. LOL

NEW JERSEY: As a result of the settlement in Sonia Doe v. New Jersey Department of Corrections, et al, the New Jersey Department of Corrections will now be forced to allow trans, intersex and non-binary prisoners to be housed in prisons that correspond with the opposite biological sex. The settlement also requires the state pay $45,000 in Doe’s attorney fees and $125,000 in damages.

Shortly after “her” complaint was filed, poor “Ms.” Doe was moved to a women’s facility. During the 18 horrific months “she” spent incarcerated in men’s prisons, “she” was denied female commissary items (?) and was “misgendered” by correctional officers. Oh, the horror!

In other news, the ChiComs still imprison people for refusing to embrace atheism. This makes them easy to find when some loyal ChiCom needs one of their organs.

OLYMPICS: CLICK [:59] to see U.S. pole vaulter Sam Kendricks (US Army Reserve) stop mid-run to stand at attention for the national anthem.

VINDMAN: During the 2019 sham impeachment trial, then-Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified under oath that he did not know the name of the whistleblower. In his new memoir, he says he was the whistleblower.

VFAUXTUS: She’s only been in office for six months during which time she’s enjoyed gushing media coverage. Yet somehow she has manage to do such a rotten job that her job approval rating has hit an historic low.

Even Mike Pence had a better rating at this point in his tenure, despite massively negative press coverage amid false accusations that Trump was a Russian agent who colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

GRAMMY NOTES: The pivotal character in Hans Erdman’s books, The Gewellyn Chronicles, is Bishop Padraigh, the cleric who saves Connor Clark and sets him, Iolena, and Menta Kai on the Journeys of the Truthbearer. Hans plays him in the photo which has been entered in a small contest on @cleanfiction magazine. Hans and I go way, way, way back, so if you could spare a moment before August 31, please follow the link and vote for the Bishop! Thank you. 🙂

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