Natural Immunity: COVID-19 Update

Bryan Dean White tweeted the following. Some of the graphics are ones he included; some I added.

COVID vaccine passports and mandates aren’t an academic issue for me. They are a matter of life or death, especially if my Govt effectively forces me to take the vaccine or be purged from society. Let me explain why. Last December, I came down with COVID. It was a modest sickness, as science would have forecasted. I wasn’t obese, not over 65, and had no other co-morbidities. I should have sailed through the sickness without complication.

Shortly after recovering, an artery in my neck began to split. Doctors were confused. It was spontaneous; no injury proceeded it. The uncertain view was I had a rare — and unexplainable — COVID injury. I went in for emergency surgery, got a stent, and started blood thinners. He was unequivocal: do not get it. I had natural immunity, he explained. The vaccine would give me no additional known benefit. In fact, it could be injurious.

Now I face a threat more grave than COVID: Submit to my Govt’s demand to vaccinate, and risk fatal complications. Refuse the vaccine but potentially lose my job, income, home, and a country where I can enjoy life freely. It doesn’t matter that doctors and science are on my side. Natural immunity is just as good — if not superior — to vaccines. A recent NIH-funded study made that clear.

The only thing that matters — to the Biden Regime & his sycophants — is making my life miserable. No, seriously. That’s the goal. They want to make life for unvaccinated people so miserable & unbearable that they comply.

This issue is massively important for not just me, but the country. Why? Because the number of people with natural immunity is massive. Over 100M Americans have had COVID as of July 2021 (per CDC data). That’s nearly 1/3 of the nation.

Should these 100M get vaccinated? Not my call. Or the Govts. Recovered patients should talk to their doc about the NIH-funded study. Then decide.

But we’re past the point of logic, reason, and nuance, aren’t we? That’s because none of this is about good public health policy. What is it about? To me, it’s clear: The Biden Regime & the Left want unfettered power, and they need a compliant populace to get it.

I base this dark assessment on Biden & Co inflaming the passions of their Leftist supporters. The unvaccinated are the problem, Biden will say. They are bad, selfish, dumb. Worse than the virus itself, no doubt. Leftist followers are listening. Closely.

As a former CIA officer, I’ve seen regimes do this abroad — use a crisis to secure & advance their power. And I know the horrors that come next if we don’t stop them: Dissenters will be purged. Slowly at first. Then quickly. And by all means necessary.

My bottom line message to @JoeBiden is simple: Do not force me and millions of others to take a vaccine that science says we do not need — and may cause grave injury. We have natural immunity. If you insist, however, understand this: We will #resist.

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