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A+A+A+: Breaking! Top of the Line!! Above the Fold News!!! Andrew Cuomo will resign before the end of the month!!!! CLICK [1:48] if you want to hear a clip of his crap. I don’t, so I didn’t. According to NY Post, he yammered on for 22 minutes about how the whole thing was politically motivated. S’funny how, when it’s a Republican, we must Believe All Women.

BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [3:03] to hear Laura Ingraham report on the lethal shooting of a female Chicago cop during a routine traffic stop. The vile mayor of Chicago was told not to visit her partner, who is in critical condition. She showed up anyway; all the cops there turned their backs on her.

Emonte Morgan, 21, has been charged with first-degree murder. His brother Eric Morgan, 22, has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and obstruction of justice. The gun used was illegally purchased from Jamel Danzy, 29, who purchased it legally in Indiana, then knowingly provided it to another individual in Chicago who was not permitted to own firearms. Danzy was charged by federal authorities Monday.

BHO’S BDAY: CLICK [10:50] to hear Tucker talk about the bash, COVID, Fauci, etc.

COVID-19: Early treatment protocol from Frontline Doctors – Drugs and dosages at the link. If your physician will not prescribe, you can get a Telemed appointment with one who will at the Frontline Doctors link.

FAUCI: Grrrrrrrrr. On Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on the “Hugh Hewitt Show”, where he defended forcing children in to wear masks.

Hewitt asked Fauci why he disagreed with a Wall Street Journal article by Dr. Makary and Dr. Meissner, who argued that masking children is abusive. The doctors wrote they could only find one inconclusive study on whether children wearing masks actually decreases COVID transmission.

It’s not comfortable, obviously, for children to wear masks, particularly the younger children,” Fauci said. “But hopefully, this will be a temporary thing, temporary enough that it doesn’t have any lasting negative impact on them.

In other words, he didn’t answer the question. AS PER USUAL. But when he’s challenged, he tells his questioners they’re stupid because SCIENCE. I despise this man.

FENTANYL: Being exposed to just a few grains can be deadly [3:58].

KINDLE: Hmm – In the middle of the night, I finished the book I was reading – the first in a series of three – and I really wanted to read the next one. But I really did not want to get up, fire up my ‘puter, go online, etc. Then, I remembered my Kindle has a wireless connection that I have to turn on when I want to download a book. I usually do this when I’m at my computer, so I can research titles before purchasing. And, of course, Amazon has my credit card on file. So I thought, Hmmm. Within a couple of minutes, without budging from my comfy bed, I had purchased, downloaded, and started reading book two. This could prove to be a somewhat problematic super power…

TLAIB: On Sunday, Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib partied in a large crowd of people at a wedding reception in Dearborn, Michigan. But it’s okay. I’m sure it was a sophisticated Democrat crowd, not a superspreader Republican crowd.

GRAMMY NOTES: At breakfast, Mama Buzz texted for prayers, because the news said they were going to get some heavy weather. At dinner, she texted, “What an awesome day! God was so gracious and we had occasional spats of rain but no thunder, lightning, or heavy wind so we spent the whole day in Old San Juan like we originally had hoped. Our first destination was San Juan Cathedral. We got to walk around and take pictures, then stayed for daily Mass. It was a beautiful service and at the end he blessed our troop.

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