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AFGHANISTAN: On Thursday, the State Department announced that a contingent of 3,000 U.S. troops will temporarily deploy to assist the withdrawal of American diplomats from Afghanistan, adding that the U.S. Embassy in Kabul will remain with limited personnel.

BACK THE BLUE: Back in June, a group of police officers stopped at a family diner in Tennessee to get a good home-cooked meal following a day of K-9 training. When they went to pay their sizeable bill, they found it had already been paid by a local businessman who just wanted to thank the officers for all they do.

CATHOLIC: Today is the Feast of the Assumption* of Mary Body and Soul into Heaven. The Eastern Orthodox celebrate it as the Dormition of Mary, which is the same feast as the Assumption, just with a name that means “sleep.” Somebody clearly saw her being taken up to Heaven in her body, but it apparently happened at night, so they wouldn’t have known if she’d died in her sleep first or not.

I talked with a priest about it once and he said he thought she did die, because she would have wanted to be like her Son in all things. Her death is certainly suggested in many of the paintings I looked at to illustrate this piece. However, one of the seers at Medjugorje asked her once and she said she did not die.

When I was researching the End Times, I found clear evidence in the Scriptures that the Rapture will be a real thing. When in the timeline it will happen, I do not know, but the part where Jesus comes again in the clouds and “catches up” his faithful is something He Himself told us would happen. And it is definitely not the same event as the Last Battle, when He will come on a horse leading a vast army, or the Final Judgment, when all will be compelled to appear before the Throne.

I’m thinking that, where Jesus’ Resurrection is our model for what it will be like for the dead who will be raised into glorified, eternal bodies, Mary’s Assumption is our model for what it will be like for the living who will be caught up and transformed without dying first.

BTW, the Rapture gets its name from 1 Thes 4:17 where the Greek “harpazo” was translated into the Latin as “raptos.” They mean “to snatch up” or “to snatch up and rescue“, which reminds me of when Mama Buzz was a toddler. She tried to climb on to the bottom of a slide just when another kid was starting to come down. Another mom, who was thankfully closer than I was, literally “raptured” her just in time for the other kid to slide right under her feet.

*Christ, by his own power, ascended Himself into Heaven. Mary was assumed into Heaven by God; she did not do it under her own power.

EDUCATION: Public School SUCKS by Freedom Toons [5:06] – CLICK [1:05] to hear a righteous mom tell off her local school board for trying to push an agenda onto their children.

FACT CHECKING: BHO has published yet ANOTHER autobiographical book (Cue: Eye Rolls). Thankfully, we have Jack Cashill to slog through the lies and mud. The link goes to a piece by Theodore S. William about this that is worth reading.

HAITI: On Saturday, at least 227 people were killed when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck about 93 miles west of the capital Port-au-Prince.

LIFE: On Thursday, the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled that a Tennessee law mandating a 48-hour waiting period before a woman can get an abortion is constitutional and does not cause an undue burden to women seeking an abortion.

OBAMA’S B’DAY BASH: In the week following the “scaled back, intimate friends and family only” par-tay, seventy-four people have tested positive for the coronavirus. This is more than any week since April. The health spokesperson said they don’t know yet if the surge is connected to the hundreds of guests and workers who attended the mask-less festivities … because they haven’t done the contact tracing. If it was Sturgis, the media would be screaming about unvaccinated, right-wing, super spreaders who are going to kill us all.

POLICE LIVES MATTER: My heart goes out to the LEOs struggling to keep the peace in Chicago where they don’t have to fight just guns and gangs, but also their own leadership. CLICK [:21] to hear both the mayor and the city’s top cop butcher the name of Ella French, the CPD officer who was recently gunned down during a routine traffic stop.

RAAACISM: Leftists never let an inconvenient truth interfere with a useful narrative.

REMAIN IN MEXICO: On Friday, a federal judge ruled that the Biden administration must resume Trump’s policy of requiring asylum seekers wait in Mexico for their claims to be heard.

SEGREGATION: An Atlanta mother has filed a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights after learning her child and 11 other Black students were placed into black-only classes at their elementary school. The school’s principal, who is Black, implemented the plan of her own accord, arguing the decision was beneficial to all the students in the predominantly white district.

TECH CENSORSHIP: CLICK [5:55] to hear Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald talk about the need for sites like Rumble.

TEXAS: Ben Shapiro talks about good parenting [3:35] – The State of Texas has declared that genital mutilation of a minor through reassignment surgery constitutes child abuse. Gov. Abbott said enforcement of this declaration would be effective immediately and that allegations involving this crime would be promptly and thoroughly investigated.

Professionals with cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse are obliged under Texas law to contact DFPS within two days after first suspecting abuse. Failure to report is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $4,000, or both. Intentionally concealing child abuse is a jail felony.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Scouts arrived home safely. Please remember our mascots in your prayers. Today is moving day for Blossom and her family, as dad transfers to a new duty station. There will be much sadness all around for these two families, who have grown so very close during the pandemic.

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