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FAUCI: This video is well worth your time and full attention. [24:46] – Fauci swore under oath that U.S. taxpayers had not funded gain-of-function virus research at Wuhan in violation of federal policies. More than once, we’ve seen evidence that this was a lie.

This week, Rutgers University professor Richard Ebright tweeted that the data is more alarming than we’ve been told to date. According to his tweets, the U.S./Wuhan collaboration modified bat viruses so they were 10,000 times worse for humans.

Senators Paul and Cotton are calling for Congress to prosecute Fauci for his lies. CLICK [5:16] to see Laura Ingraham’s report.

FAUXTUS: On Thursday, FAUXTUS announced he will be forcing all employers with more than 100 employees to either require their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or mandate weekly testing for the virus.

He also threatened all facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid to require 100% employee vaccination or else. Together, the two groups represent about 100 million Americans. His plan does not include requiring vaccination for illegals.

GOP Governors are already telling their attorneys general to prepare for battle against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vax mandate.

WATCH [1:29] to hear Judge Jeanine ask some good questions.

GUN CONTROL: On Thursday, the White House withdrew its nomination of a staunch gun control advocate to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Jen Psaki told reporters they’re talking with Chipman about finding him another role in the administration.

NEBRASKA: On September 3, the Nebraska State Board of Education (SBOE) voted 5-1 to indefinitely postpone the development of Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) Health Standards that included sexually explicit content and Critical Race Theory (CRT) components.

Of the 106 who testified at yesterday’s hearing, 69% opposed the Draft #1 standards, while just 31% expressed support. This, despite emails of SBOE members and NDE employees that showed that members of activist groups like SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, Answer, and GLSEN had been invited, while requests from conservative organizations and parents were ignored.

Note that the vote was only to postpone. Opponents anticipate the SBOE will try to pull the standards off the shelf after a few months of low opposition at SBOE meetings. E.g., in December or January when attendance is hindered by icy roads or a blizzard.

RACISM: On Sept 8, a white woman in a gorilla mask hurled a raw egg at Larry Elder while he was touring a homeless encampment. When one of his staffers confronted her, she slapped him.

Most of Democrat lapdogs in the media ignored the incident. I guess because it happened in Los Angeles, the L.A. Times had to write it up. Their headline was, “Larry Elder cuts short Venice homeless encampment tour after hostile reception.” The lede said, “Someone threw what appeared to be an egg at GOP recall candidate.

Hostile reception.” “Someone.” This is in keeping with their attitude toward Elder’s challenge against white Democrat Newsom. A few weeks ago, a columnist at the L.A. Times called Elder “the black face of white supremacy” and said he “is a threat to Black Californians.”

If Elder were a Democrat, the story would’ve led every morning, evening, and late night show and headlined above the fold on every major newspaper with a heavy emphasis on the whiteness of the assailant, her deeply racist mask, and the fact that under California law, this was a hate crime.

CLICK [1:33] to hear Elder’s comments on the incident and the media.

REGENERON-COV: Demand for this experimental COVID treatment has surged in the U.S. in recent weeks. If you’re considering it, please be aware that it is experimental with unknown, possibly serious and unexpected side effects. Also, it was tested on the same aborted fetal cell line that was used by COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

UNITED AIRLINES: United Airlines employees who have not been granted a medical or religious exemption and still refuse the vaccine are being fired. Those who have been granted an exemption are being placed on unpaid leave. Is it my imagination or is this a distinction without a difference?

GRAMMY NOTES: This reminds me of the time a clerk at the health food store let Mama Buzz (about 4 yo at the time) come behind the counter to watch him turn peanuts into peanut butter. She studied the process and asked, “Do you put goat cheese into that machine to make goat milk?” I was so impressed with how logically she had thought that out. LOL

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