UK Funeral Director’s Testimony

FIND THE TIME to watch the VIDEO [38:34] embedded @

Yes, it’s long. But I promise, once you start, you will NOT be able to tear yourself away. You may need tissues and whatever calming things you do for your blood pressure.

The following are quotations (more or less) that I gleaned while watching.

My first experience with COVID happened at the end of November, beginning of December 2019. < CtH: Note the dates!

We were seeing deceased labeled with COVID but there wasn’t any increase in numbers at all. Every funeral director I spoke to and every mortuary I went into weren’t seeing pandemic numbers.

Other morticians were bagging and sealing COVID deaths at the hospital, so they didn’t have to do any preparation and loved ones had no viewings. I decided it’s my job to take care of people, so I have washed and dressed everyone the whole way through regardless of their diagnosis.

I was picking these people up still warm, but I never got it and neither did my wife or my embalmer. We never wore a mask.

In March and April 2020, we saw a brief spike of pick ups from care homes. At that time, the government was transferring COVID patients from hospitals to care homes. My usual pick ups are about 80% hospital and 20% care homes, nursing or hospice facilities, or a residential home. I suspect that thousands of people were euthanized in these care homes.

I was picking up bodies labeled COVID that weren’t, even a guy that had been run over.

At the end of 2020, the guy who was hired by the government to collate COVID deaths said there weren’t any and he didn’t know why he was even doing the job. Then he wasn’t. The UK COVID jab roll out began in January 2021.

I told people, “I bet the death rate soars as soon as they start vaccinating.” And it did. That wave ended in mid-April. The death rate was awful. That was “pandemic numbers” but it didn’t start until they starting vaccinating. They labeled as many as they could COVID deaths, but I suspect the vast majority were vaccine injury deaths.

After that was the quietest period I’ve ever known as a funeral director. We lost money because people were passing away. In August, the death rate began to pick up again, people of all ages, and almost all of them are vaccinated. The range of death is heart attack, blood clots, stroke, and multiple organ failure.

From about 18:00 on, he lists deaths he’s encountered personally that were almost certainly caused by the vaccine. This is really hard to listen to.

The BBC was perfectly happy to have me help promote hysteria, but now that I’m voicing concerns, their silence is deafening. The government is ignoring the experts and pushing ahead with this Nazi-like policies.

They’re injecting children and they will get sick and die from the injections, which will be labeled as a new variant. They’ll parade the bereaved parents and encourage everyone to get their kids jabbed and blame it all on a new variant that targets children.

Since going public, I’ve had about 45 funeral directors who have contacted me and they’re all scared. I know my days are numbered for daring to speak the truth.

In a 50-60 mile radius of me, not a single child has died of COVID. There is no reason to jab these kids. None. It’s a depopulation agenda. The kids who survive the jabs are going to end up sterile.

The Delta variant isn’t a variant. It’s vaccine injury. They stopped animal testing because the animals were all dying.

The economy is on its knees, yet somehow they have money to build super prisons. There’s one not far from here at HMP Wellingborough. Look it up on Google Earth. I think they’re for people who will not accept the jabs. They’re already euthanizing people.

CtH: At [7:25], Melissa Lev says there are six of these mega-prisons planned.

The official capacity is listed as 1,680 inmates, not the 30,000, but looking at the Google Earth image, I’m thinking maybe there are 1,680 cells. I’ve seen photos of our prisons with triple decker bunks in cells that have barely room for more than the bunk, a toilet/sink contraption, and some turn around room. And Nazi internment camps packed people in much tighter than that. Plus, right next door is a new crematorium with a HUGE parking lot.

If you’re not getting Nazi chills, I don’t know why not. Normally, I would dismiss the whole thing as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory not worthy of our time … but these are not normal times. Way too many of the conspiracy theories we dismissed over the years have come horrifyingly true. Plus, the Bible prophesies this stuff is coming.

When Biden was fraudulently put into the White House, I had a serious talk with Our Lord about where He wanted me to go with PoliNation. What I got from Him and what I’ve been trying to do is encourage you all to grow ever deeper in faith, to steep yourselves in prayer, and to keep you informed about the rise of Satan’s forces without hopefully driving anybody into depression or despair.

Sometimes after I sift through a day’s news and views to find and condense it for y’all, I get overwhelmed. But God is always there and faithful to remind me that He is in charge, that this has all been foretold, and that He and those of us who persevere until the end will WIN eternally.

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