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ABORTION: WARNING … this is very graphic. [3:53] – Twice in one month, women were brutalized by late term abortionist Leroy Carhart. Their injuries were life-threatening and so horrific that the emergency room staffers were traumatized. Both women survived. Both are now sterile. The women have filed malpractice suits against Carhart.

CALIFORNIA: But they totes want the government to stay out of their bedrooms. Or something.

On Sunday, Newsom also signed into law a ban on all off-road gas-powered engines. The new law requires the state to apply the new rule by Jan. 1, 2024, or as soon as regulators determine is “feasible,” whichever date is later.

EXTREMISTS: Teddy Daniels posted to FB, “I was one of the ones who wanted to be left alone. Served my country, came home & just wanted to recover and be with my family. The left couldn’t just let us be. They pushed, they name called, they tried to push their will on us. If we disagreed we were called white supremacists, fascists, homophobes, deplorable etc. They trash our flag, our god, our families and everything and everyone who made this country great. Now the folks who wanted to just be left alone are involved. There is no stronger resolve than that. We don’t play the political game, we can’t be bought, we don’t back down. We will fight with a fury that they have never seen before. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve gone to war for my nation. The uniform may be on the shelf but the resolve is twice as strong. This isn’t political, this is personal.

FBI: CLICK [9:39] to hear Judge Jeanine condemn the latest vile act by the FAUXTUS administration.

JAYVEES: [2:27] – And the child shall lead them. I need a tissue.

MICHIGAN: Sixteen Western Michigan University (WMU) athletes have won their lawsuit against the WMU vaxxx mandate. Their attorney noted the decision will significantly impact other vaccine mandates, as it is “binding precedent” in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee/

STAND UP: CLICK [:21] to hear a stranded traveler encourage the airline strikers. NOTE: This content is no longer available at Fakebook!

TEXAS: On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning vaccine mandates by any entity, including private employers, in the state.

VAXXX: Health officials in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland have suspended the use of the Moderna vaccine for younger people due to a risk of side effects including myocarditis. The U.S. FDA pooh-poohed the concern.

[CtH: I have not personally verified the contents of the graphic.]

VIRGINIA: As Loudoun schools sought to pass a controversial transgender policy in June, it concealed that a 9th-grade girl had allegedly been raped by a “gender fluid” student in a school bathroom just 3 weeks prior. After quietly transferring the perp to a new school, the district lectured the public for worrying about these rumors, calling them a “red herring,” and assuring all and sundy that the district had zero bathroom assaults on record. The perp has since been arrested following another sexual assault in his new school.

WASHINGTON: Seattle PD lost 300 officers during the BLM riots and Defund the Police crap. Now they’re taking a hard line on vaxxxing and stand to lose as many as 403 more.

GRAMMY NOTES: Today, I offer a special thanks to God. Forty-two years ago, my Dearest did me the great honor of becoming my spouse. ❤

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