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AG GARLAND: CLICK [3:38] to hear Congressman Jim Jordan comparing the AG’s response to suppressing parents with other issues, like the border, like crime in our cities, like their investigation into the Trump campaign.

Garland’s heated hearing before the House Judiciary Committee went unreported by the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC.

BIDEN ECONOMY: The price of gasoline has hit its highest level since September 2014. California has been hit the hardest by surging gasoline prices with the average cost reaching $4.53 per gallon.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Prager U video is worth your time [6:12].

D.C.: On Tuesday, two female police officers revealed that, as young recruits, they were told to either abort their pregnancies or leave the force. The video at the link is heartbreaking.

FAUCI LIED: In May 2021, Fauci swore under oath, “The NIH has not ever and does not now, fund gain of function research. Sen.Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect.

He repeated his lie, again under oath, in July. Sen. Paul had the evidence then that Fauci was lying. But a newly released letter from the National Institutes of Health offers additional proof.

CLICK [3:19] to see Congressman Andy Biggs challenge AG Garland about the issue, comparing Garland’s mealy mouthed response to his memo about suppressing parents.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [1:31] to hear the Big Schmuck say it’s better to have first responders quit than let them decide what gets put into their body. And the audience claps! He claims, “The mandates are working.” Too bad the vaxxx doesn’t.

HERE’S WHY: Because they want to control our behaviors, while ensuring we have no say in how we are governed. CLICK [5:09] to hear Fox News contributor Bill Bennett talk about the issue. Bennett served as secretary of education from 1985 to 1988 under President Ronald Reagan.

HEROES to ZEROES: CLICK [4:27] to hear Gov. DeSantis insist that nobody should lose their jobs for refusing the vaxxx and that the mandates are unconstitutional and illegal.

LIFE: CLICK [1:38] and watch one, short and non-confrontational conversation flip a young woman’s opinion on abortion 180 degrees.

MASKS: In Illinois, parents of dozens of students are suing 145 state school districts, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois State Board of Education over COVID-19 orders affecting school children.

CLICK [2:14] to hear the Surgeon General of Florida eviscerate the case for masking kids. Gov. DeSantis follows up.

CLICK [:07] to see a smart dog comment on the current state of the pandemic. (It’s cute!)

MEDICAL MALFEASANCE: CLICK the link below to see the embedded video taken by a mother whose minor was refused medicine for an infection because he wasn’t vaxxxed. They also attempted to confiscate her phone. I was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and saw signs prominently posted in the ER that taking videos and photos was forbidden.

NEVADA: CLICK [3:23] to see a parent serving Clark County school board members with notice they are named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Dan Bongino comments.

RESISTANCE WORKS: Southwest Airlines has caved to pressure and reversed its controversial decision to put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave. Flight disruptions caused by employee protests reportedly cost the company $75 million.

VAXXX: CLICK [29:21] to hear the horrible aftermath of a healthy young mom’s post-vaxxx health problems. Although she was a willing participant in the AstraZeneca clinical trial test group and began experiencing negative symptoms within an hour of getting the shot, nobody seems to have considered that her issues were related. AstraZeneca has not included her in their report. Nor have they fulfilled their contractual obligation to pay her medical expenses. They’ve just dismissed her problems as not being vaxxx related. Yet she was chosen for the clinical trial because she was so healthy!

Full disclosure: I could not listen to the whole video. :-(““


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  1. Our local school board decided back in September to make masks optional, and the way some parents reacted, you’d think they’d just decided to have the kids play Russian roulette. The Branch Covidians showed up at the next couple of board meetings en masse, demanding that the school board force every child to wear a mask. Listening to them talk you would have thought they were talking about cholera or ebola or tuberculosis, instead of a stupid cold virus that poses no threat whatever to healthy children.

    For a couple of weeks the board stuck with its original decision, much to the chagrin of the Branch Covidians. But then one dad who has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome got a lawyer and threatened to sue to district under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The dad claims that his daughter’s Down’s Syndrome puts her at high risk for complications or death if she catches Covid. I don’t know the family in question, and of course the dad may be right, because while some children with Down’s are perfectly healthy, others do have health problems related to the syndrome. Even so, forcing thousands of children to wear masks for the sake of one child seems a little draconian. Even if the masks prevented the spread of Covid (which they do not, but let that pass), shouldn’t it be enough if the little girl and her teacher and classmates wore them? Why the kids in other classrooms? Why the kids in other schools?

    Needless to say, the school board caved, and now every kid in the district has to wear a muzzle to school. Sigh…

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