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ALABAMA: On Monday, Gov. Kay Ivey issued Executive Order No. 724 calling for the state to oppose the Biden Administration’s vaxxs mandate.

BALDWIN: A text message from a crew member to the production manager said, “We’ve now had three accidental discharges. This is super unsafe.” And sources report that, prior to the fatal shooting, six union camera crew workers walked off the set due to safety concerns. They were replaced with nonunion people to avoid production delays.

EPSTEIN: Body language analysis of Prince Andrew [8:58] and [8:10] – I thought these were interesting.

FAUCI: Andrea Widburg suggests that “saint” Tony is a “malignant narcissist” who “has used hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars for cruel experiments on animals, all of them of seemingly dubious value. …

Our government is out of control. Whether it’s beagles in Tunisia, monkeys in California, children in public schools, or people whose lives are being destroyed over an experimental gene-manipulative vaccine that leaves them contagious and vulnerable to COVID variants, the federal government is using its unconstrained power to bring about fear, suffering, and even death. This is not what the Founders wanted and, when Americans vote Republicans back into power, those Republicans had better damn well bring the government to heel.


FAUXTUS: First, SNL roasted him. Now, CNN is criticizing him for taking more vacation days than any president in recent history.

Biden spent a total of 108 of his first 276 days in office either vacationing or working from one of his two Delaware homes or from Camp David, according to a CNN analysis of Biden’s schedule. That tally includes partial days when Biden split time between the White House and those other properties. Biden’s frequent absences come as his administration has faced a number of crises less than a year into his first term.”

Clearly, the PTBs who are actually running things are done with Slow Joe.

IOWAHAWK: Iowahawk responded, “As far as I can tell Terry McAuliffe is single-mouthedly torpedoing Terry McAuliffe. My theory: he was cursed by a mysterious gypsy woman to say what he really thinks.”

MALE PATRIARCHY: It’s alive and well in the trans community where men who self identify as females consider themselves lesbians because they are sexually attracted to women. I’m kinda thinking that men who find women attractive are just normal men and the fact that they like to dress up as women is another issue entirely.

MINNESOTA: CLICK [6:38] to hear what Dr. Jeff Horak said to the local school board that got cheers from the spectators. Less than two weeks later, the chief executive officer of the local hospital severed Dr. Horak’s surgical privileges. He told the local newspaper, “We live in America where freedoms are held close. I am a man who believes individuals have the right to do their research and decide what is best for them and their children when it comes to their health. I don’t believe governments or institutions should dictate that. It’s a position I’ve always have taken. And when the science doesn’t make sense to me it’s hard for me to go along.”

NEW YORK CITY: Days after the mayor announced that all government employees except for jail staff will need to receive a vaccine shot by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave, about 5,000 incensed demonstrators marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. Many carried American flags, chanting, “F–k de Blasio” and “We will not comply!

PORN: A conservative group in Virginia created a political ad about how Gov. McAuliffe sexual content currently available to minors in Virginia public school libraries. Because it included sexually graphic images from the books themselves, it was rejected as being “too explicit to run during the 11 p.m. hour on TV in Virginia.” You can see the thirty second, uncensored version at the link.

TRANS: On Monday, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law requiring K-12 student athletes to compete with teams that match their biological gender. The law will take effect in mid-January. Seven other states have passed similar laws this year, all designed to protect female athletes from unfair competition by gender confused males.

TWIX AD: CLICK [2:00] to see the latest extremely disturbing example of how twisted and demonic our culture has become.

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    Neo has a post today, “Peter Hitchens on changing one’s mind,” featuring the video “Peter Hitchens: The Rage Against God” – Don’t know if you’re familiar with P Hitchens – I wasn’t, really. I found it a well-spent hour to watch. The interviewer, Eric Metaxas, was occasionally interruptive, sometimes even a bit silly, but overall I thought it was a well-conducted interview, and a fascinating discussion.

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