Speaking of schools

The walk from the Wilton Manors Elementary School to Rosie’s Bar and Grill (which caters to male homosexuals) looks to be about ¾ of a mile. Other locales the kiddies could have visited by walking include a public library, a fire house, and a creamery. But no. They go to the gay bar. With elementary kids.

Rosie’s menu items include “Naked Sweaty Lovin’,” “Beet Your Brains Out”, “Rhoda Cowboy,” “Ivana Hooker”, and “Young Ranch Hand.” I also found this one:

Do parents even look at field trip permission slips before signing?! Or are these parents so WOKE that they are totes on board with an annual field trip to a gay bar? Proud School Board Member Sarah Leonardi obviously isn’t even a little bit disturbed about hypersexualizing young children into the gay life style.

Florida’s official tourism marketing company says Wilton Manors is “Florida’s most famous gayborhood.” So maybe normal people who think kids should be kids and not pervert fodder don’t choose to live in the gayborhood’s school district. ::smh::


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