Musical interlude


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  1. Milady Jo was just reading through a bunch of emails from her siblings, planning their Thanksgiving get-together. “I assume you’ve all had the vaccination.” “Our kids haven’t so we will stay outside.” Etc. They’re all Chicago-born Democrats and oh-so intelligent and well-informed. (Milady had a long road to escape that cult, but solidly has.) We know there’s nothing we could say that would change their minds, so we just don’t engage. But I’m awfully tempted to just send them a link to that video, just for giggles.

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  2. The video has been removed by YouTube for violating their sactimoniousness. Which in true Streisand Effect manner has spawned a bunch of re-posts of it. Here’s one EweToob hasn’t caught yet (as of time of this comment).
    As my neighbors might say: YEEE-HAAAWW! ๐Ÿ˜€

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