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FARTUS: Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has reportedly been regaling friends about how Joe Biden farted “loudly” in front of her at the Glasgow COP26 climate conference. “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore.”

Ironically, FAUXTUS had earlier pledged that one of the most important things society faces in the near term is to “reduce our methane emissions as quickly as possible.”

FAUXTUS: President Poopy Pants’ approval rating has dropped another five points, down to 38%, its lowest point (so far).

FLORIDA: On Friday, a Florida judge tossed out a six county challenge to DeSantis’ ban on school mask mandates.

Also, according to internal Florida GOP numbers, there are now more registered Republicans than Democrats in the state.

And, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) says it won’t be contributing any significant financial help to Dems looking to unseat DeSantis next year.

LEFT FACE: The CNN interview was intended to highlight how hard inflation is hitting the middle class. Another intolerant Leftie schmuck ripped the family for having a birth control problem. Tweeters ripped back, pointing out that only two of the kids are their own by birth. Six are adopted and a seventh is a foster kid.

NEW JERSEY: A 2020 graduate of Egg Harbor Township High School ran against and clobbered an incumbent school board member (4,042 to 2,830). During his senior year, Nicholas Seppy served as the student representative to the school board, so he obviously had some cred going into the race.

PROJECTION: CLICK [5:28] to hear Michael Knowles report on Brian Stelter’s latest anti-Trump melt down.

PROPAGANDA: Another tweet said, “Elmo was so happy to talk to @DrSanjayGupta at the town hall today! Elmo learned that Elmo’s friends can get the COVID-19 vaccine now, and soon Elmo can too!

WASHINGTON: Life, Liberty & Levin host Mark Levin explains how voters are uniting to push back against American Marxist movements. [11:51] – In ultra-liberal Seattle, the race for city attorney resulted in another upset for the Woke Mob. The Democrat candidate ran on a platform of no longer prosecuting misdemeanors, which has been a winning strategy for other Soros-backed prosecutors in the past. The “reasoning” is that this would stop crime. Yeah, really. Voters may have bought it in the past, but we’ve all seen what it actually leads to so they wisely gave the Republican law-and-order candidate 59% of the vote.

WHERE’S GAVIN?: On Oct 27, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom received a Moderna vaccine booster shot. He hasn’t been seen since.

On Oct 29, his staff canceled his trip to the United Nations climate summit in Scotland, something he and nearly two dozen members of his administration had been planning to attend. Usually, his absences are explained, including when he takes a vacay.

Not so now, despite California being in the middle of a shipping crisis compounded by a drought and wildfires.

GRAMMY NOTES: I got a glimpse into God’s role in suffering when it came time to get my first born vaccinated. Afterwards, as I fed her Tylenol for her fever and rocked her to sleep, I thought about how trusting she was. I had not stood by helplessly while the doctor hurt my kid. Far from it. I had made the appointment, taken her to the appointment, held her down for the shots, then paid for the appointment!

When the shot started to make her feel rotten, she didn’t think, “You did this to me. Get away!” She reached out to me for help and comfort. While I was contemplating this, I thought about how I couldn’t possibly explain immunology to her, yet the distance between her mind and my mind was an infinitesimal fraction of the distance between my mind and God’s mind. I realized that day that it’s just not my job to worry about whether God “causes” bad things. Rather, it’s my job to trust that He’s in charge and to go to Him when I need help and comfort.


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  1. I’m still duking it out with our local school board over their idiotic mask mandate. Ever since some schmuck threatened to sue the school district if they made masks optional, they are too afraid to change the policy, and you can throw facts at them until you’re blue in the face (I speak from experience) and it goes in one ear and out the other.

    So far the superintendent has said that there will be no vaccine mandate, but I don’t trust that clown any farther than I can throw him. This crap really burns my bacon.

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  2. I appreciate the way you open the B&B with something uplifting, and close with a chuckle, and everything in between. Gotta say, though, today’s uplifting opening, juxtaposed with the flaming cow flatulence image, was kind-of funny.

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