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2A: CLICK [1:55] to hear Adam West explain the Second Amendment and gun control laws.

AOC: CLICK [:46] to hear a member of The Squad worry about the GOP winning back the majority and “taking over in a very authoritarian manner.” IOW, behaving toward Democrats the way Democrats have been behaving towards them. (I have decided to never again risk lowering my IQ by listening to a man who thinks AOC is eloquent.)

CUOMO: Last Monday, the result of an investigation commissioned by the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee was released. It reported having found “overwhelming evidence” that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed women and that he ordered state workers to help produce his book on pandemic leadership during work hours.

DO AS I SAY: Not as I do. That’s the unwritten motto of the Democratic Party.

FAUXTUS: Watch this one – CLICK [4:46] to hear about his first presidential physical … which did not include a cognitive test … something Democrats demanded of Trump.

HUNTER: ABC, CBS, and NBC were too busy talking about Black Friday and LeBron James to talk about a report by The New York Times revealing that Hunter Biden’s investment firm helped a Chinese company purchase one of the world’s richest cobalt mines from an American company. The mine is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the report, Hunter’s company routinely made deals to secure mineral and mining contracts for Chinese state-owned firms in other countries. The paper went on to warn that “China might use its growing dominance of cobalt to disrupt America’s retooling of its auto industry to make electric vehicles. The metal is among several key ingredients in electric car batteries.”

CLICK [4:05] to hear Hannity’s report.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s father is busy, busy, busy trying to force American car companies to switch over to manufacturing only electric cars.

MISSOURI: On Tuesday, a judge ruled that the Department of Health and Senior Services unconstitutionally gave too much power to individual local health officials and directors. COVID-19 orders issued by these entities must be rescinded.

NEW YORK: On Monday, my stupid state officially ended all religious ‘rona jab exemptions for healthcare workers, forcing the Long Beach Emergency Department to fire 72 employees. As a result, the ER will be closed for at least a month.

PELOSI: More hypocrisy from a climate activist who has repeatedly warned us of rising oceans and railed against the irresponsible COVID-19 policies of Florida’s Republican governor.

One can’t help but wonder if she’s going to switch her primary residency to Florida where the taxes are a LOT lower than they are in San Francisco.

SANDERS: CLICK to hear “Why Bernie is wrong about deodorant” [2:59] – Following Bernie’s so-called logic, one might be led to question how many children have starved to death because he owns three homes.

SOROS: Matt Palumbo’s new book reveals the true size and scope of George Soros’ influence. It will be released in December but is available now for preorder.

THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU: While the Left Stream Media was telling us not to buy a turkey, Joe “Tax the Rich” Biden spent Thanksgiving with billionaire David Rubenstein.

WAUKESHA: The video above that appears to show Darrell Brooks, Jr. after what NBC called “the Waukesha parade accident.” CBS called it a “parade crash”, as if two floats had accidentally run into each other or something.

If the driver was a white male, you know it’d be leading every Left Stream news outlet with shrieking headlines. But since he’s a black felon who was out on an absurdly low bail, CNN’s top stories of the day included “Dollar store no longer selling items for $1” and “The surprising reason why Ocean Spray cranberry sauce labels are upside down.

CLICK [1:21] to hear the judge charge Darrell Brooks, Jr. with five counts of intentional homicide. I expect that will shortly become six counts, since 8-year-old Jackson Sparks died from his injuries not long after the hearing.

GRAMMY NOTES: Nonno went to spend Thanksgiving Day with the Marines while I rested and the Mascots made the first leg of their long journey to their new duty station, arriving after I was asleep. Marine Mama (who is pregnant, bless her heart!) cooked for days to make enough food for their meal on Thursday and our meal on Friday. (Nonno got to chow down twice LOL.) We didn’t talk much while eating … too busy chewing and moaning with pleasure. My daughter is such a great cook! Afterwards, we got the kids parked in front of a video and played board games. It was a very good day. 🙂


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