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AMERICAN AIRLINES: If the Birman’s story is true, American Airlines deserves to be hit hard with damages. Click to read the appalling story. I have other questions the article didn’t answer.

For example, the flight was from Miami to Newark, so likely included a meal. Did the couple request kosher, so the flight attendant could have seen they were devout Jews before she assaulted them? Was there any real reason the little bag couldn’t have stayed in the overhead compartment where the man put it in the first place? And if it couldn’t, why wasn’t he allowed to simply hold it during the flight? Is it even legal for an airline to put a diabetic off a flight without ensuring she has her insulin with her?

BIDEN ECONOMY: CLICK [8:59] for Get Real Dan’s report on the weak November report. “The economy is worse now than it was when Biden took office.”

CLICK [2:43] for Scott Wheeler’s report on the continuing supply chain problems that FAUXTUS claims he has solved.

CUOMO: After investigating what the recently-suspended Chris Cuomo did to help his brother, CNN fired him. If they’d fired him back when he demonstrated himself to be a dim-witted, mean-spirited liar, it would’ve saved them a lot of trouble.

FAUXTUS: Despite the best efforts of the Slime Stream Media, Biden’s polls continue to slide downward. The notable change in this most recent one isn’t in the total approval percentage, but in the very high strong disapproval and dwindling no opinion percentages.

GERMANY: Ted Cruz tweeted, “It’s a good thing the virus is larger than a toaster. No way it can make it through those holes.” How do they divide a grocery store at all? Are there now two of everything or do they alternate days? Like, the unvaxxxed can get into the bread section on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while the vaxxxed get to go there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays?

I was shopping once with a missionary friend who was home on break. He served in Japan and had a sister living full time in Germany. As we waited amongst the group of people milling around waiting for the next open cashier, he remarked, “If this were Japan, everyone would line themselves up. And if it were Germany, somebody would be running around making us line up.” LOL

HERO: When eighth-grader Aidan saw his dad choking at the dinner table, he leapt into action. Remarkably, the 100-pound boy was able to successfully perform the Heimlich on his 200-pound dad, literally lifting him off the ground twice, and expelling the obstruction from his airway. Aidan learned the technique in school.

OMICRON: Dr. Omar Hamada says the new variant may be good news for helping the world achieve herd immunity, since it appears to be highly contagious, while causing only mild, cold-like symptoms. Hamada is an emergency room doctor and former U.S. Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel.

CLICK [6:04] to hear Joseph Pinon Jr.’s report about on the latest in “Fear Mongering Bingo.” At one point, he refers to “fermenting fear.” I think he meant “fomenting fear”, but I googled to be sure the former hadn’t entered the language when I wasn’t looking. I found this. It tickled my funny bone.

Fear worked like yeast in my thoughts, and the fermentation brought to the surface, in great gobs of scum, the images of disaster.” Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder

VAXXX: The mRNA COVID vaccines have been found to dramatically increase the risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome. This “may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.” –Steven Gundry, MD (International Heart & Lung Institute in California)

Apparently, Twitter’s Fake Checkers are now heart specialists who know more than Dr. Gundry does. On Thursday, they applied a “this link may be unsafe” warning to his report at the American Heart Association Journal. Previously, this warning was reserved for spam and malware.

VFAUXTUS: “Staffers who have worked for Kamala Harris say one of her consistent problems is that she refuses to wade into briefing materials prepared by staff members, then berates employees when she appears unprepared because she wouldn’t do the necessary prep work.” – James Hohmann, Washington Post

Tweet comments: “Sounds like the sort of problems that would lead one to come in third place in their own state during the primaries, and/or to drop out before Iowa. Oh, wait……

I’m old enough to remember when failing to read your daily briefing materials was considered, by most on the left, conduct that rendered you unfit for office…”

Remember how the D press loved her questioning in high-profile Senate hearings such as Kavanaugh’s? It was just accusatory snark, nothing involving any complexity or depth. Same with her short-lived presidential campaign. And that’s all she offers as VP.

Why is WaPo running negative stories about Harris? That’s the question.”

Maybe for the same reason reporters keep asking Pete Buttigieg about his plans for 2024.”

ZINC: You have at least 300 enzymes in your body that require zinc to function normally. It is particularly important to your immune system. Evidence shows zinc helps protect the body from viruses like COVID-19 by impairing viral replication in the cell and by supporting the respiratory system.

Zinc deficiency is not uncommon. Fortunately, supplementing is dirt cheap. Since zinc supplementing can cause a copper imbalance, it’s a good idea to add copper to your supplement regimen also. Vitacost has a combo of the two that costs only four and a half cents per day.

If you take a multi-vitamin, check the label. The RDAs for zinc are 11 mg/day for men and 8mg/day for women. For copper, they are 1.5-2 mg/day for adolescent and adult males, 1.5-3 mg/day for adolescent and adult females.

CLICK I have no idea why this is so hysterically funny, but it is!

Or she has noticed and thinks it’s adorable ….


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