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ACCOUNTABILITY: CLICK [4:37] to hear NewsMax’s Joseph Pinion III. “We’re no longer the America that we’re supposed to be. We’re no longer the America that can depend on our allies to help us fight the formation of the next axis of evil.

CATHOLIC: In a document released December 18, the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) has tightened restrictions on the use of traditional forms of the Sacraments. There are two really disturbing aspects to this move. One is that it is the most devout Catholics who prefer these traditional forms. And two, it signals a usurpation of control from local Bishops to the Vatican. Is Pope Francis trying to usher in the One World Religion!?

CLIMATE: Every time we have a natural disaster, the Left immediately shrieks about climate change and that whatever happened is all the evil, selfish deniers’ fault. But the data show that, as our use of fossil fuels has increased, the number of deaths from natural disasters have decreased.

FAUXTUS: Uniting us, one golden word at a time. – The Omicron variant has now been detected in 36 states. Some health officials have expressed reserved optimism that the mild strain could be a significant step in the virus’ transition from pandemic to endemic, which one expert called “the ideal situation for a virus.”

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: [1:56] – Steven Spielberg spent $100 million filming a “reimagining” of the classic musical West Side Story. Among other things, the immigrants speak Spanish … but there are no English subtitles.

A YouTube commenter wrote that, if Spielberg “thinks that translating Spanish to English is a bit ‘colonial,’ then he should remind himself how the Spanish language arrived to South America in the first place.” Ouch!

So, critics might be impressed, but paying audiences clearly aren’t. The flick pulled in just $10.5 million in its domestic debut weekend. Industry insiders estimate it needs to generate at least $300 million globally to break even in its theatrical run.

MANCHIN: West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin dropped a Christmas bomb on Democrats, announcing on Fox News he will not vote for FAUXTUS’ pork-laden social spending and green energy bill. CLICK [3:31] to hear OAN’s report.

MISSIONARIES: A few months ago, a group of 17 American missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti. The group included an infant and two young children. The kidnappers demanded $1 million each for their release. But God had other plans. Click to read about their daring, Spirit-led escape.

NEW YORK CITY: CLICK to see the :40 video!

OHIO: [:50] – Another Good Samaritan chased down and tackled a purse snatcher, then held him for the police. The 80-year-old victim said she told the thief, “If you needed something, all you had to do was ask.”

QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS: Some media personalities have tried to crown pop singer Mariah Carey “Queen of Christmas” because of her popular 1994 holiday song, All I want For Christmas Is You. To her immense credit, Carey rejects the title. “Everybody’s faith is what it is. But to me, Mary is the Queen of Christmas.”

REVELATION 13:17 – A microchip technology introduced in recent years by the Stockholm-based startup Epicenter is being presented as a means to store one’s COVID-19 vaccine passport under the skin. Let me guess … we won’t be allowed to buy or sell without it?

TARGET: For years, Target has partnered with local police to provide gifts for poor kids who may not get much for Christmas. This year, Brian Cornell, the CEO of Target (who makes $20 million/year), decided that associating with the men and women in blue was too icky and canceled the program. The retail giant wouldn’t even accept a $16,000 gift for Target’s new and improved “no-po-po gifts for poor kids” program, because it came from Flagler Sheriff’s Children’s Charities (501-C-3). (The charity gave the money to Wal-Mart instead.)

TEXAS: Under Biden, the number of illegals swarming into Texas has hit seven figures. [2:47] – Texas has passed a new law that allows migrants to be arrested by private citizens for trespassing. Groups of citizens with body armor, long guns and high tech drones are patrolling the border, adding to the number of Texas law enforcement officials trying to slow the tsunami brought on by Biden’s irresponsible open border policy.


VAXXX: We have no idea what impact these changes will have on human health. But having embarked on the largest, third-stage, clinical trial ever, we’re going to find out.


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  1. missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti — Like Paul walking out of jail, Daniel walking past the lions, they walked past the guards and through the gang’s territory, to freedom. I’ve read several articles on their escape, and I was hoping this one would give me that one tidbit of info I haven’t seen yet, but it didn’t — namely, just exactly what was the sign they got, first to wait, then to go? Just curious. What a story!

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  2. I hope Joe Manchin has a good bodyguard.

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