COVID-19 Update

BOO: Trump claims his Operation Warp Speed “was historic” and “saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.” I think the vaxxx killed more than it saved and that Operation Warp Speed was the worst thing he did while in office.

The virus began in animals; it was never ever going to be eradicated, so getting us to naturally-acquired, herd immunity should have always been the goal. We should’ve been concentrating on loading people up with zinc and vitamins C and D, with finding and using the best therapeutics, and with locking down only in limited areas where a particular hospital was overwhelmed.

FAUCI: Two airline CEOs testified before Congress that the air filtration and air exchange rate on airplanes is so good that masks really can’t offer additional protection.

CLICK [:52] to see St. Tony assure us that masks should be required on airplanes for ever and ever and ever.

JACKBOOTS: On January 15, unvaxxxed Bostonians will be barred from restaurants, fitness centers and entertainment venues.

Nova Scotia has decreed that unvaxxxed elderly and disabled residents can only leave care facilities for medical appointments. And their visitors must be vaxxxed.

RESISTANCE: On Saturday, thousands of people marched through the streets of London to protest COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

A Calgary police officer who refused the jab was not only suspended without pay, but also told to keep his mouth shut in public. This weekend, he resigned during a powerful speech he gave at a pro-freedom rally.

Following intense backlash from the public, New Brunswick dropped its onerous ban on the unvaxxxed shopping in grocery stores. It is now up to local businesses to decide.

A German court in Lower Saxony has ruled that vaxxx passports cannot be required of people wanting to shop in retail stores. The decision, which covers all stores in Lower Saxony, went into effect immediately and cannot be appealed.

TOLERANCE: Navarro’s nasty, ignorant, and all-too-common attitude got some push back from fellow Tweeters.

Low IQ tweet of the day. Sane people agree, medical discrimination has no place in the modern world. Pick up a history book and educate yourself.

It is not the responsibility of the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated. That’s the vaccine’s job.”

For the first time in history, the ineffectiveness of a drug is being blamed on those that do not take it. Totally not a cult.

Imagine a shot that doesn’t even stop you from getting covid has people feeling so superior they will turn their own family away.

Explain how personal freedom is holding you hostage. I’ll wait.”

In other Progs Are Compassionate news, a man who tweeted that parents should decide about masking their kids was told to “have fun” and “post photos” when his kids die.

TUCKER: The first fourteen minutes of his 12/21 show was about COVID.

VAXXX: The vaxxx was never about saving lives. It was about controlling people with fear. A new Monmouth poll found that nearly two thirds of boostered individuals reported concern about contracting the virus despite getting their shots, while only 12% of unvaccinated people said they were worried about catching COVID.

What we should be afraid of is the vaxxx. One in 100 vaxxxed Brits suffered heart irregularities severe enough to hospitalize them. Of the 7,795 of these whose deaths were recorded as due to cardiac arrhythmia, only 1,108 tested positive for Covid.

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