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AUSTRIA: The Austrian parliament, led by Christian Democrats, passed a bill Thursday legalizing assisted suicide for people considered terminally ill or disabled.

BLASPHEMY: Gov. Phil Murphy, D-NJ, celebrated a new state policy allowing non-doctors to commit abortions. Murphy describes himself as someone who has spent a “lifetime in the Catholic Church.”

FAUXTUS: A new national PBS/Marist poll has Slow Joe’s Hispanic approval rating significantly lower than White. This is devastating for Democrats.

Hispanics: Approve 33% vs. Disapprove 65%; Net -32.

Whites: Approve 40% vs. Disapprove 56%; Net -16.

J6: I can’t. :-(““““`

NEW YORK SUCKS: Religious freedom took another hit in New York as a federal judge ruled that a photographer cannot deny her photographing services to same-sex “weddings.” In a video before the ruling, photographer Emilee Carpenter said: “It’s $100,000 fines, it’s jail time, it’s ultimately the closure of my business, and as an entrepreneur, that’s extremely terrifying knowing that my livelihood could be stripped out from under me because I’m being forced to create a message that I disagree with.”

SPIDER MAN: NO WAY HOME – The latest incarnation of the superhero movie ignored wokeness and hauled in $253 million in its opening weekend. John Nolte of Brietbart wrote: “Newsflash: If you make a decent movie that seeks to entertain and move — instead of lecture and shame — we will show up.”

TEXAS: The state is building a wall on state-owned land. CLICK [4:11] to see the first stretch they’ve completed in a very highly trafficked area.

TRANS: In Illinois, the male pastor of a liberal Lutheran church dressed in drag and preached to a group of masked children about how “liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy.” Hmmm … does this mean they can take their face diapers off now?

In Texas, conservative activists and local parents made enough of a stink about Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern’s “gender clinic” that the hospital has shut it down. In a statement to media outlets, said that they will continue to accept new patients for evaluations of gender dysphoria, but will no longer offer transgender hormone drugs.


GRAMMY NOTES: I made this Christmas pageant angel card to put in my box of crafted (and not done yet!) presents for Texas. Fortunately, we’re Catholic, so I’ve still got 43 days before they’re late for Christmas. 🙂


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    1) Charlie Brown asking for salvation for friends and family.
    2) Cindi Beer on the Democrat (financial) diet.
    The rest are very good, but these two hit me!

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