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AUSTRALIA: That video is beautiful [2:35] – Sadly, the Nazis running AussieLand aren’t listening. Their latest outrage was to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa and incarcerate him in a hotel in Melbourne. Djokovic, the world’s top men’s tennis player, received a vaxxx exemption from the state of Victoria that the feds are refusing to recognize.

His mom reported that that he’s being kept at a small, dirty immigration hotel where the food is terrible, and that they won’t let him move to a better hotel or to the house he had already rented. His dad is proud of him.

My son is tonight in Australian captivity, but he has never been more free. From this moment, Novak has become the symbol and the leader of the free world, the world of the poor and disadvantaged nations and peoples. [He] has shown that a small, but heroic country like Serbia, can have the best tennis player and sportsman of all time and that truth can no longer be hidden.

CHICAGO: On Wednesday, the Chicago Department of Public Health added the only state and only territory that were not already on its COVID-19 Travel Advisory list. Two things … one, the list absurdly counts any place that has 15 cases per day per 100,000 people, and two, Chicago’s daily case rate is 169.7 per 100,000, which is 15% higher than the national average. It kinda sounds like Chicagoans would be well advised to travel elsewhere.

COVID-19: Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer contracted COVID-19 during a meeting at which he was promoting mandatory vaccination. Every person at the meeting was twice jabbed, once boostered, wearing and mask, and separated from the others by plexiglass screens.

HERO: On Dec. 28, a career criminal attacked the wrong family of tourists in New Orleans. He ran up to them, punched the mother in the face and stole her purse. While the dad tended to his wife, the daughter chased down and assaulted the thug, who hit her in the face as well. But he miscalculated his victim, who set a national record with a 320-pound deadlift! She threw him down and held him there until the police came to collect him. The mother suffered a dislocated jaw and the daughter got a black eye. One can only hope the DA isn’t a Soros Progressive and this piece of scum is taken off the streets for a good, long time.

HOME TESTING: All that brouhaha about there not being enough COVID tests is baloney. CLICK to learn how to test yourself at home. And listen carefully. It could save your life!

JOBS: Mike Rowe talks about all the industries that can’t find workers. Economists had predicted employers would hire 400,000 new workers last month, but the new jobs report shows that the economy added just 199,000 new jobs. WTH is going on?!

MARTYRDOM: CLICK [15:50] to hear John-Henry Westen talk about the likelihood that suffering is ahead.

MATT WALSH: Author and commentator Matt Walsh was suspended from Twitter for stating: “The greatest female Jeopardy champion of all time is a man. The top female college swimmer is a man. The first female four star admiral in the Public Health Service is a man. Men have dominated female high school track and the female MMA circuit. The patriarchy wins in the end.” He is now on GETTR, where he already has 765,000 followers.

SCOTUS: On Friday, the Supremes heard arguments for and against government-imposed vaccine mandates. While Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Gorsuch suggested that government officials had overstepped their authority and Justice Kavanaugh noted that Congress has not yet passed any type of vaccine statutes, Justice Sotomayor lied her face off about the alleged crisis of COVID.

She claimed that COVID deaths are at an all time high, that Omicron has been deadlier than Delta, that 100K children are hospitalized with COVID, and that OSHA’s regulatory authority is a federal “police power.” All of these statements are demonstrably false.

TYRANNY: Thanks entirely to Democrats, third-party payment online vendors will be forced to report $600 in total annual transactions to the IRS. AND they’re all going to ask you for your IRS information. So say good-bye to your privacy or lose your PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle account. This new rule will hit small online vendors the hardest and be a boon to the parallel economy Dan Bongino talks about.

And to make it all happen, FAUXTUS is planning to hire 80,000 new IRS agents.

VAXXX: RN Collette Martin testified before a Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee hearing on December 6, 2021 about the “terrifying” reactions to the COVID ‘rona jab. The video is embedded at the link [3:27].

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [1:10] to hear Judge Jeanine blast the tiny turkey in the East Wing.

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