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BEEF RECALL: Beef processed by Interstate Meat Dist. Inc., of Clackamas, Oregon, on Dec. 20, 2021, may be contaminated with E. coli. The recalled products were shipped to retail locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, and have the number “EST. 965” in the USDA mark of inspection. Details and labels can be accessed at the USDA link.

BORDER: Between Oct. 1, 2020, and Sept. 30, 2021, border agents at eight ports seized 87,652 pounds of narcotics worth $786 million. Of this, 41,713 pounds was marijuana, 8,592 pounds was cocaine, 33,777 pounds was methamphetamine, 1,215 pounds was heroin, and 588 pounds was fentanyl. They also seized $10.4 million in unreported currency, 463 weapons, and 84,863 rounds of ammunition.

FAUXTUS LIES: Again. Does he even know what the truth is any more? CLICK [:25]. The 2004 report says, “Lightning struck the home of Sen. Joseph Biden, starting a small fire that was contained to the kitchen.

J6: CLICK [9:38] to hear OAN report on the Dems’ bloviation about Jan. 6.

CLICK [9:22] to hear OAN report on why Ashli Babbit was shot.

JACKASS AWARD: I was curious if maybe this guy is a paraplegic, but Wikipedia says he “performs as an on-field official and support staff member for University of Manitoba Bisons football and Canadian Football League (CFL) games.” So yeah. NOT a paraplegic, just a butthead. I’m embarrassed to see he also claims membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s organization that promotes prayer, spirituality and charity among its members.

My favorite comments on his idiotic tweet: “This might be rage shovelling…. Signed a woman.” “She probably got home from her shift, saw all the snow, and decided to do it herself, mumbling angrily the whole time.” “I’m glad she’s getting use out of that new snow shovel you bought her for Christmas.” “But, to his credit, he made her a sammich.” “I’m not sure what I’d kill my husband for first: watching me shovel after a 12 hour shift or tweeting about his watching.” “Why not both?” “I don’t believe that I would have been able to take that picture as my wife would have started with the shovel inside first.

MEDIA: CNN and MSNBC spent over 1,600 minutes obsessing over the anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riots. That’s 26.6 HOURS of air time.

Maybe this kind of thing is why, during the final quarter of 2021, Fox News Channel averaged 2.37 million total viewers in primetime, while CNN averaged 642,000.

NEW YORK: About half of the COVID patients currently hospitalized in New York were admitted for other reasons, such as heart attack, car accident, etc. These merely tested positive upon admission and actually have no or only mild symptoms of the virus.

The CEO of New York Presbyterian Hospital unhelpfully reported that, “About 50 percent are admitted with COVID and 50 percent admitted for COVID. Of the patients in the hospital, 50 percent are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and 50 percent have two doses of the vaccine.”

What we care about are the number of vaxxxed who are hospitalized because of COVID. His statement doesn’t tell us anything about that.

RAY EPPS: CLICK [3:04] to hear Tucker talk about Jan. 6 two guys who were clearly attempting to incite the crowd who have not been charged. The feds refuse to answer any questions about them.

SCOTUS: Former President Barack “Empty Suit” Obama nominated two of the current Supreme Court justices – Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor. During the OSHA mandate hearing, Kagan made the statement in the graphic. Karol Markowicz tweeted, “The more I think about this the scarier it gets that a Supreme Court justice thinks ‘the government’ has money to pay for anything.” Christina Pushaw responded, “Do they realize who pays the government?”

Also, CLICK [1:45] to hear CNN being forced to admit that Justice Sotomayor lied. One of the CNN talking heads tried to mitigate the damage and turn some of it back on the conservative justices, saying “vaccines work.

Clearly, we can add CNN talking heads to the Empty Suit club. Many attempts at creating vaccines failed because the substances were either ineffective or dangerous. In addition, the ‘rona vaxxxines are not true vaccines; they are gene therapy agents. Besides which, the point at issue isn’t whether vaccines work, but whether OSHA has the right to mandate every worker in America get one.

Other Lefties tried to take the onus off Sonya’s numerous false statements by claiming and exclaiming over Justice Gorsuch’s “false statement” that “the flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year”, because the flu only kills about 30,000 people a year. Except the transcript says Gorsuch actually said, “the flu kills hundreds, thousands of people every year”, which is accurate.

TERRORISM: [1:18] – Former news reporter Kayla Sullivan filmed a hilarious “news report” about her two-year-old son’s latest episode at a local Olive Garden. Sullivan uses a toy microphone while standing outside of her son’s bedroom “where he’s currently being detained until naptime is over” to give details about the “active investigation.

TRANS: MtF trannie Lia Thomas made big news when “she” shattered two national women’s records last month at the Zippy International in Akron, Ohio, for Penn’s women’s swim team. But a female swimming for Yale clobbered Lia twice this week.

The Yale swimmer is herself transitioning, but from female to male. After the race, the 20-year-old pulled down the top of her swimsuit to show off her now breastless chest.

The swimmer has delayed hormone treatments until she finishes her career on Yale’s women’s team. Funny thing how transitioned FtMs don’t beat real men in much of anything. They also don’t demand to be moved into all male prisons housing violent sex offenders. The patriarchy rules!

In other weirdness, the Daily Mail used “he/him” to describe this swimmer, despite the fact that she is still identifying as a female for the purposes of trouncing other female swimmers with her sleeker, boob-less, upper body.

VAXXX: Triply vaxxxed libtard Geraldo Rivera is ‘astounded’ he has caught COVID. So wait … he said the intellectually superior vaxxxed are morally justified in denying the unvaxxxed any freedoms, while simultaneously believing that the vaxxxed couldn’t catch the ‘rona? Do I have that right?

GRAMMY NOTES: I just saw this great advice on my FB art board – “The reason we dislike doing a particular exercise can be either that we already know what it is intended to teach, so it’s boring, or that it is something we really need to learn, so it is frustrating. Continue with lessons that frustrate you, but not the ones that bore you.” It applies to a lot more than drawing!

It doesn’t apply to my photo, however, which is just of some fun, relaxing doodles I’ve been making to get a break from a fussy drawing I’m working on. Technically, they’re “neurographica”, which is a form of doodling that is overburdened with a bunch of “sciencey”, New Age blah blah. The basic idea is just to draw a bunch of free form shapes and lines, round off any places where they form an angle, then color in the spaces as desired.


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  1. The password idea is brilliant!

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  2. red

    God speaks is very telling. Those who choose to be deaf to Him are the ones who wander thru life in hate. Walk in His beauty

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I often think about Carl Sagan’s “agnosticism” … he claimed he’d never seen compelling evidence that God exists. Knowing Him and His creation (and all the amazing miracles recorded by the Catholic Church), I have to conclude he never looked, because he didn’t care to know.


  3. red

    BEEF RECALL: I had to come back because this sounds too much like a certain company that was investigated for killing people. hen they wanted to take over smaller companies. the bacteria would show up and the company hit would be forced to do a recall, which often broke them. After the clintons took over, all investigations were dropped and any evidence was lost.

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