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ABSURD? Why, yes. Yes, it is, you flaming fruitcake.

CALIFORNIA: The state is now allowing hospitals to force COVID-positive asymptomatic staff to work as the state grapples with a surge of Omicron cases and staff shortages, as Governor Newsom deployed National Guard members to assist at testing sites.

CHILD ABUSE: CLICK [2:01] to hear about the mom and long-time teacher who locked her kid in the trunk of her car, because he had tested positive for COVID. Police plan to arrest her as soon as they can find her.

CORBEVAX: [4:08] – Prof. Peter Hotez and Maria Elena Bottazzi developed a patent-free, mRNA-free vaccine for COVID-19 that has been received emergency use authorization from the Drugs Controller General of India. Unlike Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, which are raking in billions from their mRNA vaxxxines, Hotez and Bottazzi will not personally get a penny from their product.

COVID-19: NOW they care about facts. Joel Abbott reports he has been saying this since the spring of 2020, but Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google all censored him and anyone else for suggesting such a thing.

FILIBUSTER: [5:05] – Fox News contributor Byron York expects Democrats’ effort to get rid of the filibuster will go ‘nowhere’. I sincerely hope York is correct, because I’m thinking the Dems who want this would use it to federalize voting and stack the Supreme Court so they can keep themselves in power forever.

HEROES: [:45] – Police in Los Angeles, California, pulled the injured pilot from his crash-landed Cessnaright before a train blew through, demolishing the aircraft and sending debris flying in all directions. A bystander who thought he was taping the scene from a safe distance nearly got hit by a giant piece of airplane that whooshed right past him and another bystander.

J6: Troy Smocks is a 59-year-old black man from Texas being held in the DC “Gitmo” with other defendants for the events that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6. The Gateway Pundit has published the letter he wrote to the American people. There is also a fund raising platform to help him rebuild the life the Democrats shattered.

MEDIA: CLICK the link to view the embedded 5 minute, Prager U video about why we shouldn’t trust The New York Times.

GRAMMY NOTES: If you enjoy drawing, I recommend this set of colored pencils. The price is very good for 120 pencils. The colors are gorgeous and they go down with a nice, creamy feel. The square handles feel a little odd at first and you need a pencil sharpener with a wide hole to accommodate them, but the pencils don’t roll off your desk, which is nice. (If you pay enough attention, you’ll see I goofed up the swatch page by duplicating six of the greens.)

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  1. That rescue video is amazing, isn’t it! Those police were a split-second from getting clobbered, but did it.

    MiladyJo says: Not many folks can say they survived a plane crash and a train crash all in much less than an hour.
    Pencils: “square handles… don’t roll off your desk…”

    Like carpenter’s pencils, for the same reason. How many times have I grabbed for something rolling off my angled drawing board!!

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