Freedom Convoy

Truckers are heading to Ottawa to protest a mandate requiring unvaxxxed truckers returning from the U.S. to quarantine. But hey, let’s ignore the FACT that the vaxxxed catch Omicron and spread it around! CLICK [3:41].

I have googled repeatedly, but found very little coverage of this massive event on anything other than OANN and social media. There are a few local stories, but even Fox News and Newsmax act like it’s not happening. If you find any others, let me know!

There’s a good article by a Canadian Baptist minister called “The Parable of the Good Samaritan, Canadian Pastors, and the Convoy” at the link. He makes some interesting points, like “Liberty from tyranny is starting to smell like burning diesel fuel. The truckers just might be the Good Samaritans we’ve been waiting for.” I recommend you give it some time.

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